Monday, June 29, 2009

Cherry season is upon us

Do you have a cherry tree? Does it have beautiful lush green leaves and a proliferation of perfectly puffy white-pink blossoms in spring? Is it full of an innumerable number of red glossy cherries now? I hate you! Oops, sorry, hate is a strong word--I envy you!

I have a cherry tree too. It's leaves are sparse though. The blossoms were pink and puffy but there wasn't a prolifieration. And I now have exactly 7 cherries. No, it doesn't have a disease, it is just a 2 year old tree. In a few years I'm sure the cherry crop will be more to my liking but in the meantime I hate being patient.

As we drive around town I am noticing all the beautiful cherry trees. I notice that they are full and ripe and ready for the picking and I notice that NO ONE is doing the picking. That really bugs me, all those yummy cherries going to waste.

Dave has suggested I just knock on doors and ask if I can pick their cherries for them. Or just leave a note on the door with my phone number. Last year I searched Craigslist and Freecycle for opportunities to pick fruit--nothing! NO ONE was concerned about all that great tree fruit going to waste in their yard except ME.

Fortunately, this week at Fred Meyer cherries are on sale for 99 cents/pound! WoW! That is a really great price. I will be heading over there today. There is a limit of 8 pounds though and I would love to get more than that and freeze or can them for use all year long--nothing beats homemade cherry ice cream during the holidays. Perhaps I'll go back a few times through the week.

OR, if you have tree fruit you don't want to go to waste, like cherries, you could let me know and I would be glad to pick them for you for free. *big grin*


  1. Hi Dani, I would TOTALLY recommend you asking those folks who have fruit on their trees if you could harvest them. It is a SIN to leave fruit just wasting away. I have done that numerous times and folks have always been super generous with this. I usually just take them a sample of what I made with their fruit. Sometimes I make a pie, or sometimes I bring over homemade jam. They are always thrilled and I believe that it creates goodwill and they will be willing to let you do that again and again.

  2. We have an apple tree in our backyard. We don't spray it, so it's totally organic, but sometimes you find a worm :) Also, where Bryan is working over on Key Peninsula the people have huge trees full of apples and plums. When they ripen up let me know if you want some. They don't use them and told Bryan to take as many as he wants. The apples are perfect for canning applesauce and the plums are delicious! They also have huckleberries out there too! Or maybe one day you and I will go out there and pick them for ourselves!


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