Friday, June 26, 2009

Book Junkies Beware

My hubby is a book addict. Our basement is lined with bookcases full of books he has saved from college, purchased over the years or rescued from garage sales and friends garages. I know a few people who have more books than us, most of them are my parents age.

Some of the books we have are junk books, books we will never likely read again. These books lay at the end of bookshelves, in the bedroom corners or in boxes in the garage. Sometimes I'll take these to the Goodwill or Desert Industries but I've recently found a great way to get rid of them and get myself some new ones in exchange.

I just joined the Paperback Swap. The Paperback Swap helps you swap books with others for free. You only pay for shipping on the books you send. If you're a book junkie too, check it out!

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