Monday, June 08, 2009

Beach Trip Photos

It's about time . . . . .

I know you've been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for these super cute, super exciting, super inspiring pics of my family's super surprise day trip to the beach on Memorial Day weekend.
Here we are at the beautiful Westport Jetty. We had to walk quite a ways to find a spot where we wouldn't be windblown and miserable.

Notice the sand on my lens? No matter how many times I tried to clean it off the wind kept finding it's way to my lens. I just gave up after a while. I didn't want to risk scratching the lens.

It was a very windy day. Yes, my whole family is wearing sweatshirts at the beach. It looks sunny but it was quite cold until we found a little spot out of the wind.
We ended up climbing over this cliff and down to a nice little cove. OK, I'm lying, we didn't climb down the cliff. This is a picture of the kids climbing up the cliff just for fun. But we coulda climbed down the cliff if we wanted to. The kids had a lot of fun going up and "skiing" down the slope until Dave told them to stop destroying the hillside. He always ruins the fun.
This is the cove. The water was shallow and a little warmer than the other side of the Jetty. By a little warmer I mean very little and by warmer I mean still cold. It also didn't have the great waves that Kirkham was craving but too bad little boy--momma wants to be out of the wind!

The girls kept themselves real busy with sandcastles, rock collecting and shell collecting. Afton insisted on bringing and wearing this wetsuit that is OBVIOUSLY 3 or 4 sizes too big for her. But she was happy and didn't end up with any chaffing or sunburned shoulders. Both the girls went home with sunburned scalps. I totally forgot about the sunscreen on the part though I did get it everywhere (and yes, I mean everywhere) else.
Dave took a nice walk down to the end of the Jetty to see what he could see. He found the other side of the Jetty, wind, waves, rocks and some driftwood. He left it there and came back to tell us about it.
I spent my time curled up on my bamboo mat a la Hawaii, under my polar fleece blanket, in the sun, sleeping. It was wonderful!
The blue spot in the picture is Kirkham playing in the water in his swim trunks and T-shirt. The beach was nice and sandy which is easy on the feet but not so good for finding sea life. He was kinda bummed but still enjoyed himself. Especially when his brother joined him and they got to spend some quality time splashing each other. That always makes a boy feel better! When he wasn't in the water he was sneaking back on to the sandy hillside.

Heath divided his time pestering Kirkham, pestering the girls and pestering me. I love him, I really, really, really, really love him. He's almost 13 and he likes to remind everyone that he is the oldest, that he can be bossy and powerful and moody. He's mostly just trying to have fun at everyone else's expense. I LOVE him! He was also very generous with his towel and let his sisters use it after he was done with it.

He was also kind enough to remind me to take a picture of the girls sand creation before we left. That was nice of him. They worked a long time trying to make a heart out of shells. I think they did a pretty good job.

After the beach we stopped in at our friend's camping spot. I'll post some pics of that on Wednesday.

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  1. Yeah, it sounds like a really good daytrip. Thank you for sharing your fun times.


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