Monday, June 01, 2009

15 days of school

I am SO excited for school to get out. No more homework, no more early morning rush, fewer must do activities-more want to do activities. I can't wait for days filled with slip and slides, roasting marshmallows in the firepit and lazing at the lake.

But first the mad dash to the end of the school year. Here's what I'm up to for the next 19 days (15 school days)

1st--2009/10 PTA Budget meeting, Orchestra Banquet, Mom's birthday
2nd--skirt fitting, webelos
3rd--half day, french horn lessons
4th--Seattle field trip, Relief Society Presidency meeting, waterpolo banquet
5th--popcorn friday, math relay at franklin pierce, Kirkham Campout
6/7th--11 year old scout camp, church, "Linger-longer"

8th--Posters for PTA family dance party, camp cougar
9th--camp cougar, Cora Dentist, webelos, Band/Orchestra concert
10th--alterations complete and picked up, camp cougar
11th--RS Pres. mtg, Kirkhams birthday!!!, All School BBQ, field day
12th--camp cougar, wild waves field trip, Afton's field trip, Family dance party
13/14th--several grad parties to attend, church

15th--Donuts with Dad
16th--Capital Rotunda field trip, last PTA meeting
17th--PTA luncheon
18th--RS Pres. mtg, RS summer enrichment (I'm in charge)
19th--Half Day LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

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  1. Remember....Family First??? Yeah...we have the same problem at our house. There is something and sometimes several somethings scheduled on every day right up to the day that we leave for vacation. I can't wait for Silverwood in Coeur d'Alene. Maybe then, my whiteness will see the light of the sun. I can't wait to relax in the sun and play in the pool. Life is grand.


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