Friday, May 29, 2009

Technical Difficulties

I told you yesterday about my kitchen disposal and drain repairs but I didn't tell you that the day before I had to repair my washing machine (string caught in the impeller motor) and over the weekend I had to repair/replace the caulking in my master bathroom shower/tub (It was cracking and pretty disgusting). I also haven't told you why I haven't updated you on my trip to the beach with the family over the memorial day weekend, I'm having computer problems that I don't know how to repair.

I really wanted to share pictures of the beach trip when I told you about it. Unfortunately Dave's laptop is not compatible with my camera's photo software, my computer is AND my computer's modem is wigging out and his is not. So this of course means that I can only use his computer to access the internet and blog and only use mine to download photos. I can repair some computer problems but my tricks aren't working this time. Dave is going to have to repair it this time.

I suppose I could burn the pics to a disc and use the disc in Dave's computer but that would require having a disc and I don't. And I'm just too lazy/cheap (you choose) to go to Target for just one item, a disc.

So you will have to wait for the beach story until either
  1. I have more than a disc that I need to purchase at Target OR
  2. Dave has time to fix my computer
Don't wait up.

If you like box mac and cheese at a really good price and you purchase Capri Suns regularly anyways here is a great deal for you at Albertsons:

Purchase specially marked boxes of Kraft 5 packs of Mac and Cheese for $5.69 and get one Kraft mac & cheese 5 pack FREE. On each of the 5 packs there is a peelie coupon for free Capri Sun Sunrise 10 packs. At checkout you may also get a $2 off your next shopping trip coupon! I did it on Wednesday!

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  1. Anonymous5:57 PM

    What? You BOUGHT a BOX of Mac n Cheese-NO waaaaaayyyy! ;0).


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