Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Store Review: Oakbrook Albertsons

The Oakbrook Albertsons is located Steilacoom Blvd across the street from Ft. Steilacoom Park and behind Hunan Garden restaurant. It has been there at least since I was a teen--wow, that's 20 years--but probably a lot longer.

This Albertsons is set up like every other Albertsons I've ever shopped. Wide aisles, bright lighting, large produce section, service deli, bakery and pharmacy in addition to the usual grocery, meat and dairy sections. This Albertsons is the closest grocery store to my home and thus the store I run to most often. I know this store like the back of my hand and will try to fair in my assesment of it.

This store is pretty good about labeling. They have lots of extra signs on sale items, especially when there are big sales like $10 off $25. Each aisle is labeled and logically laid out as is the produce, dairy, meat and bakery sections. Occasionally I have needed help finding an item. The employees are all in uniform, easy to track down and will take you directly to the product you are searching for. If the product is not on the shelf they are always happy to check the back for more product. The guys in the produce and meat department are especially helpful and nice.

The checkers are all coupon savvy and admit to using many coupons themselves. A few of the checkers are notoriously slow but friendly just the same. The baggers usually ask if they may help you out to your car.

On occassion I have had problems with my orders. Either I was overcharged or grabbed an incorrect product or an automatic register coupon didn't total in. The customer service counter has always done a great job of handling the problem quickly without having to get extra managers or making me feel stupid. One time I was overcharged late at night when the customer service desk was closed. The cashier was really busy and told me I could bring it back next time I came shopping. The next time I was back in the store, two and half weeks later, customer service was able to go through my receipt make the changes and refund the amount I was overcharged. That was impressive!

Oakbrook Albertsons Scorecard

Are the advertised products in stock and easy to find? I was looking to see if the products were on regular shelves or had they been moved to endcaps or other locations in the store. I also wanted to know if they were clearly marked with the sale/coupon prices.
Occasionally missing proper shelf labeling or products out of stock

Are the employees and cashiers coupon/sale knowledgable? I wanted to know if they knew what was on sale and could they help me find it, if necessary. I also was watching to see the cashiers reactions to scads of coupons, if they remembered to ring them and if they were rung up correctly.
The employees are helpful, knowledgable and since they stopped competitor coupons I have not had a coupon rung up incorrectly.

How do I like shopping at this store? I want to get a feel for the ambiance, store layout, cleanliness and product quality. I'm also looking at how the employees interact with the customers, if they're friendly and helpful. Would I want to shop here on a regular basis?

Wide aisles, bright lights, easy to spot employees

Overall Score

14 out of 15 carts, uh, oh, maybe I'm biased. If you've shopped at the Oakbrook Albertsons what's your opinion?
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  1. I feel exactly the same way about this Albys. A manager at the UP Albys told my friend that they stopped taking competitor coupons because the company was loosing 14 thousand dollars a week! WOW. Can't really blame them, I guess.


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