Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sick Days

Two out of four Dooley kids are sick today. Heath (kid #1) has been coughing up gunk and feels tired, no fever, no other symptoms, gunk is normal color. I think it might be allergies. Afton (kid #3) has a high fever, vomiting, aches, chills, stomach pain and is lethargic. I know what you're thinking, is it swine flu? No, we do not have swine flu, but the kids have been worried about it.

Afton has a kidney infection. Had to go to the hospital last night (Tuesday night/wednesday morning) for IV fluids, meds, etc. As we were laying on the teeny tiny ER bed together waiting for the IV to be installed she turned to me with a sad, scared look and asked, "Do I have swine flu?"

"No," I answered, "you have a kidney infection."

"How do they know it's not swine flu?" she pressed.

"Well, because they did the flu swab in your nose and the test came back negative." I answered, confident she would understand and be put at ease. "Also, they tested your urine to see if you had a bladder or kidney infection and that came back positive. That's how they know."

Unconvinced she asked, "What if they're wrong?"

"They're not wrong."

The hospital had the coolest new vomit bags, so much easier than those old pink banana shaped bowls. Earlier in the day, at our regular doc's office, Afton was given one of the pink bowls. She had never seen one before.

Afton: "What's this for?"
Me: "Throwing up"
Afton: "Why is it shaped like this?"
Me: "In case you had bananas for lunch."

Afton couldn't stop laughing until she put the banana bowl to good use, looks like PBJ and apples for lunch. Ewww.
Sorry, that wasn't a very good story. I think the all-nighter in the ER is catching up with me. Hope you have a great weekend. Stay well and be sure to wash your hands after reading this, Cora (kid #4) thinks allergies and kidney infections are catchy.

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  1. I hope Afton gets better! Let her know I think she is very brave!


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