Thursday, May 28, 2009

Down the drain

I woke up at 3am Wednesday morning and could not get back to sleep. I tossed and turned, stole blankets from the hubby, curled up in a ball, did deep breathing exercises, kicked all the blankets off, snuggled up with the hubby. All to no avail--sleep would not return. So at 4am I got out of bed, ate a bowl of cereal, blogged about mac and cheese and started my daily routine nearly 3 hours early.

Before the kids were up I had run and emptied a load of dishes and a load of laundry, reloaded both, started beans in the crock pot, and had a batch of bread dough rising. I was putting a rhubarb pie in the oven just as they were popping their little heads into the kitchen for breakfast and hugs.

"What a great day this is" I thought to myself. "I ought to wake up early every morning"

I left my baking mess strewn around the countertop and sink while I brushed hair, found shoes and backpacks and kissed good-bye 2 kids heading out to the bus stop. Then it was on to child 3 and 4 prepping for a dentist appointment and practicing for a band concert, respectively, and then back to my mess.

I rolled out the dough into 3 loaves, wiped up the flour and threw it into the sink with the rhubarb ends and quickly washed it all down the disposal. WAAITTT! OH NO WHAT HAVE I DONE! I know rhubarb is not supposed to go down the disposal it says so right in the manual I used to install the darn thing. {And I've made the same mistake at least twice before, both times with dire consequences. I should know better. I DO know better.} The sink, both sides, was instantly backed up and full of slimy pukey-looking rhubarb yuckiness.

I couldn't deal with it at that moment. I left the sinks, finished tidying up the counter, swept the floor and left for the dentist with Cora which brings me to a totally off the subject but equally exceptional story. The girl had an abscess tooth.

How does a 5 year old who sees the dentist regularly, brushes her teeth every day and flosses weekly--ok, monthly--and has one soda a week and candy occassionally get an abscess tooth? Does she have a hidden stash of Starburst she sticks in her gum at night or did she get a Nerd candy lodged between her molars for two months? Perhaps her Kindergarten teacher is stuffing Cora's face with Tootsie rolls every day. I don't know but she had an abscess and they had to pull the tooth. It made me cry. Maybe I was just tired but I felt like a totally horrible mother to not even know that the little darling had a cavity let alone a huge honkin' abscess.

She'll go back in three weeks to get a spacer fit into the molars place. Her grown-up molar won't come in for another 5-6 years. We didn't get home from the dentist until 11:30.

So, back to the original story--
I get home around 11:30 and there is my sink, still full of watery acidic, foul-smelling crud. I start clearing out from under the sink and am interupted by my part-time homeschooling 12 year old who needs a ride to Leadership class at the middle school.

  • Go, come back, make Cora pudding, make Cora Jello, make Cora comfortable and take a few more things out from under the sink.
  • Get phone calls, make phone calls, think about sink.
  • Kids get home, drive Heath to baseball game, run to store for milk and "soft foods" for Cora, look disgustly at sink.
  • Go to baseball game, come home, hide sink mess from Dave by putting the cutting board over the sink and shutting the under-sink cupboard door (yes, it actually worked).
  • Make dinner, serve dinner.
  • Heath and Dave leave for church activity. Put the girls to bed, RETURN TO SINK.

So the plan was to complete the sink repair before Dave got home from church so he couldn't give me a bad time for clogging my drain again. {Yes, I've clogged my drain many times--more times than Dave knows about--so many times that I've gotten really good at fixing clogged drains and jammed disposals.} I was working fast. I assembled the necessary tools: wrenches, drill, drain snake, gloves, bucket and towel. I was going to get in and get out and have it done in 20 minutes time and Dave would never be the wiser.

I just put my head in the cupboard and, not 15 minutes after leaving the house, Dave walks back in, he was feeling sick and came home to go to bed. I peeked out from under the sink as he walked in. "What's wrong with the sink?" he looked at me disdainfully.

"I put rhubarb down the disposal and it got clogged" I sheepishly admitted but quickly added "I'll have it fixed in no time."

He rolled his eyes and went to bed.

I rolled back under the sink and went to work.

Twenty minutes later it was cleared and cleaned up.

Not a good day! or all's well that ends well?

Remember Do not put rhubarb down your disposal! or stringy celery or carrot peels. Oh, and dish rags aren't too good for a disposal either.


  1. Too funny Dani. I remember a time when Sasha decided to put pea gravel down our disposal, when we lived at the other house. Of course Dave was in Germany at the time, and I didn't have the know how and I had a 8 month pregnant belly to hinder me crawling under the sink. Thank goodness for Grandpa. I called my Dad, cried words that no one could understand, and within 5 minutes, my Dad was over at the house with a tool thingy that picked out the tiny rocks one by one. Grandpa saved the day, my sanity, and prevented me from premature labor. All ended well. I celebrated with a bowl of ice cream.

  2. I think that's why I don't have a garbage disposal. I would constantly be clogging my sink. ;]

  3. Andrea, I love that story. Especially the ice cream at the end, it makes everything better!


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