Monday, May 25, 2009

Did you think to BLOG?

I totally forgot to blog today! Totally Forgot! That is so not like me, every morning I hop out of bed {ok, really I slide or roll or drag myself out} make lunch for the kids, pour myself a bowl of cereal and plop myself down in front of the computer.

Today was different. Today I hopped out of bed--for real! I didn't make lunch for the kids (no school, memorial day, duh) and I didn't pour myself a bowl of cereal. Instead I went outside to garden straight away {did you know the sun is out and bright and shining at 7 am? Wow, I should wake up and get out early more often!}. I was trying to place myself strategically away from the kitchen because we were going OUT to breakfast. Yes, OUT to breakfast.

This, and every Memorial/Labor Day morning, we go to the Troop 410 Boy Scout Breakfast. By my standards $15 for the family for breakfast is not a great deal but it supports the troop in which my son and my husband are heavily involved. Basically, I have no choice.

So, the breakfast was good: Pancakes, French Toast, Sausage, Ham, OJ, milk. Lots of friends to visit with and the kids have a great time running around the gym making lots of noise. Good Times.

After the breakfast it still didn't dawn on me that I hadn't blogged yet. I went home, finished the berry patch weeding I had started at 7am, baked, frosted and decorated 4 dozen cupcakes and got a batch of baked beans (just Bush's beans with a few additions, namely molasses, mustard and honey) goin', showered and got myself and the fam all prettied up for the next Memorial Day tradition: 1 pm family get together at the Gessell's.

We had a great time reconnecting with cousins and family we haven't seen since last Memorial day. Lots of good food and the obligatory guys basketball game while the girls sit on the sidelines and cheer {I would rather be playing so I refuse to cheer}.

That was all wrapped up round about 4:30pm, still no thoughts of blogging. Made a "quick" stop over at my mom and dad's to see how the new garage addition was stacking up--it's lookin' good. Dad needed a hand putting up the garage door trim header and mom wanted my opinion on some planters for the upcoming wedding reception to be held at their home (for Jacob and Alli).

5:30 we hit the road again and this time landed in at Ryan (Dave's bro) and Kris' home to check out something on a boat? I really don't know why we stopped but Dave and Ryan disappeared into the garage for a while while the kids ran crazy with their cousins in the front yard sharing the leftover cupcakes from the earlier party.

When we finally got home around 6:30 we ate more party leftovers for dinner and realized Afton, dear sweet Afton, had a project due in the morning. Turned on the computer at 7:30 to print out some pics for her poster and that's when it dawned on me--I didn't blog yet!

So here is my blog for today, 14 hours late. I know it is just a big lame excuse about why I didn't blog earlier, a rationalization. But a post is a post, right? I got around to it. The parable of the sowers and the reapers? As long as I do it before the end it still counts?

See ya in the morning.

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