Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Where do I go now?

This past week was the first week in a long time I've had to decide which store to shop at. Always before I was on auto-pilot to Albertsons with my fistfull of coupons--but alas the good ole days are over.

I had such a hard time deciding. None of the stores had a bunch of spectacular sales but each of them had something that I wanted: strawberries at Safeway, Post cereal at Albertsons, eggs and flour at Fred Meyer's, OJ and produce at Saar's. Instead of choosing which one to shop I decided to, in the name of "market research", shop each one.

Since it was "market research" I wanted to make sure I went with a few questions in mind that needed answering. I wanted to know:
  1. Are the advertised products in stock and easy to find? I was looking to see if the products were on regular shelves or had they been moved to endcaps or other locations in the store. I also wanted to know if they were clearly marked with the sale/coupon prices.
  2. Are the employees and cashiers coupon/sale friendly? I wanted to know if they knew what was on sale and could they help me find it, if necessary. I also was watching to see the cashiers reactions to scads of coupons, if they remembered to ring them and if they were rung up correctly.
  3. How do I like shopping at these different stores? I just wanted to get a feel for the store layout, cleanliness and product quality hoping to get a feel for whether or not these are stores I would want to shop at on a regular basis.
Stay tuned and over the next few weeks I'll post my reviews of the area stores. I will review Saar's Marketplace, Safeway, Albertsons, Fred Meyer, and QFC. I may throw in a few other mom and pop shops too and I'll definately review different locations (University Place stores, Lakewood stores, Puyallup stores, Tacoma stores)

Safeway, University Place (40th & Bridgeport)

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