Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's on your list today?

I STILL haven't figured out the best store to shop or the most cost effective way to shop since losing Albertsons competitor coupons battle. While I was out of town this weekend Albertsons put out another double coupon flyer in the Tacoma News Tribune that was only good for 3 days. 3DAYS! That is just not enough time (especially for world travelers like myself ). They are getting way lame over there!

As I have thumbed through the new ads today I see a few good deals here and there such as:

Fred Meyer has 79c Foster Farms chicken and 58c broccoli/cauliflower, coupons for 79c Hunts Pasta Sauce(Alby's has a better price), 2# Cheddar Cheese for $4.50 each, and Oscar Mayer Bacon 2/$5.

Safeway is selling their 4# bags of frozen b/s chicken breasts for $1.79/lb, 9-12oz fresh express salads for a buck each and 4# strawberries for $4.88 ea. They are alos running a "Free" Pasta event: when you purchase two Classico pasta sauces you get two pounds of Safeway pasta Free. I buy large quantities of pasta when it goes on sale for 50c/lb so, to me, this "free" pasta is really just a dollar off coupon for the pasta which is advertised as 2/$4 plus you can print up to two dollar off two sauce coupons at the Classico site. This brings your total sauce cost down to $1 a jar! (Hint: you can print 2 coupons). Safeway also has 80% ground beef on sale for $1.49/lb on Saturday and Sunday only.

This week Albertsons has more of their famous save $4 when you spend $10 sales. Browsing through the list of products nothing really stands out as a great deal. Even with coupons the prices are higher than I will usually pay. They do, however, have a good sale on 2-liter Coke and Pepsi products, 87c each when purchased in multiples of 3. Their 10# bags of Russets are $1.88, not a great price but not horrible either. They also have a coupon on the front of the ad for Reusable totes 59c each (but if you can hold out for a couple weeks I'll show you how to make your own with old fabric you've got around the house). Alby's also has Hunt's and Rosarita stuff on sale, buy $25 worth and get a $10 coupon off your next shopping trip. This brings the advertised $1 items down to 60c an item and $2 items down to $1.20 each. I'm looking for coupons to combine with these but haven't found any yet, keep me in the loop if you do.

Last, is lowly Saar's Marketplace, with a plethora of screamin good coupon deals and very little love. I know many of you hate, hate, HATE Saar's, but consider trying them out again anyways if any of these prices entice you to do so. Saar's has coupons for the following products in their mailer ad: 10# russet potatoes 2/$3, Jumbo Yellow Onions or white onions 5#/$1, Washington Apples 3#/$1, green cabbage 33c/lb, green onions 3/$1, Kiwi 7/$1, Mangoes 2/$1, Limes 8/$1. They also have coupons for Papaya (68c/lb) and Jicama (39c/lb) but I can't recommend the price because I have no idea what a good price on these is--I rarely buy them. Is this a good price?

What I really need is milk and cabbage. I have no more room in my freezer for meats, at least not at this week's prices. I am also getting low on cereal, we go through that like it's going out of style. I will probably just go to Saar's for produce, pick up cabbage and milk and wait for a good sale on cereal. The kids can eat oatmeal for a week. Where are you going? Did you find any deals that I missed?

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  1. You are better than me at seeking out the coupons and the deals. I personally like making two stops and two stops only. My favorite place to shop is at WINCO and then I hit COSTCO for the rest of our family needs. They are practically right next to each other in Federal Way. All I can say is that I would much rather spend that 7.20 on gas (We have a gas guzzler!) and get it all done and all the deals in one shot. More power to ya though for seeking out all the coupons...I'm all about saving money but time is something I'm in desperate need of these days and not willing to give up...I don't think ever!


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