Thursday, April 02, 2009

What's on your list today?

Have you figured out where you're shopping yet this week? I haven't. I have figured out what prices are best though . . . .

Albertsons only has a few good prices in their ads this week. The aspirin, sugar and ham are prettyy good prices with the in-ad coupons. If you are a box Pizza purchaser use Red Baron Pizza coupon combined with your Red Baron -$1/2 manufacturers coupons (1/11/09 SS and 3/01/09 RP). Post Cereals are also on sale. They are $1.57/box when you buy two and you should have an abundance of Post cereal coupons from sunday ads and online--stock up on Post.

Safeway also has post on sale but it is only with a coupon and the coupon is a limit of one. Safeway also has other coupons in-ad this week but only a couple are really good prices. If you go to Safeway don't pass up their coupons for Butter for .99 and SeaPak Seafood Sections $4.99 for a 20oz pkg. if you don't already have a SeaPak $1 off coupon, print one. Safeway also has a Buy 5 save $5 promotion right now. If you like chips, dips and bottled drinks this will be a good deal. You'll get your chips, dip or bottled drinks for just a dollar an item plus you'll receive a coupon for a free MLB team T-shirt (It may be good idea for a Father's day gift from the kids).

At Fred Meyer this week don't miss the coupons for milk, cereal and soda. While you're there pick up some Foster Farms fresh fryer breasts for 99c/lb, carrots, onions, green cabbage for 39c/lb and apples for 58c/lb. That isn't the best price for apples but it is pretty good. If this is your first time at Fred Meyer be sure to visit their bulk section. I like to restock my spice jars here when they go on sale. I also buy my cream of wheat/Farina here in bulk.

Saar's Marketplace has great coupons for eggs, oil, tomatoes, navel oranges, strawberries, onions, grapefruit, sherbert, hot dogs, blogna, orange juice and cool whip this week. Their green onions, avocados, and pears are also on sale but without coupons. If you are afraid of Saar's because it is a little dirtier than Safeway and has a large "ethnic" section--BUCK UP! You'll be fine! The cashiers are friendly, though slow, and the prices are worth it. There are three Saar's marketplaces in the Tacoma area and the one on Pearl is by far the most attractive. So if you must shop somewhere "pretty" maybe you should take a drive.

Last but not least. If you have opted to shop at a store that doesn't have produce on sale you may want to stop off at H&L or Tacoma Boys. Their lettuce is $1 a head, Fuji apples are 49c/lb and Hass Avocados are 2/$1. The produce at these places is always top notch and often from local farmers. The workers are friendly and helpful. They also have their veggies and herb plants out on the lot so grab a few for your garden while you're there.

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