Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

The Evergreen Clematis growing up the brick by my front door is a blooming machine this year, it is the first bloom since we planted it last spring. It smells so very delicious especially on warm afternoons, I like to sit on my front porch and sniff those bunches whenever I've got a spare minute. I love these flowers they are a beautiful backdrop for my front garden beds.

The plum tree is doing it's best to make me happy. Look at all those little leaves and future blossoms--I'm so proud of this little 2 year old tree! We had quite a few blossoms last year too but no fruit. Hopefully we'll get a few plums this year.

The Grape Hyacinths are popping up all over the yard. I planted these the first year we moved in and they are now multiplying. I love these so I am very happy to have more. My girls call these blue belles and like to pick them and combine them with the weed flowers that are popping up for cute little "arrangements". They stick them in plastic tupperware cups and leave them by the sink for me.

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  1. Anonymous3:20 PM

    I know what you mean Dani. I love the smell outside right now! It's so fresh and fragrant, especially in the morning when it's still crisp outside. We have a hammock out back that's perfect for springtime.


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