Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Garden Update

Remember the garden boxes that I made and planted way back at the end of February? The ones I promised I would give you a chart with what I planted and never did? Well here is the chart. I don't know how the chart is going to look on your computer but each garden box, if you remember, is divided into 16 square foot sections.
Box 1

sugar pod & bush peas (2/28) sugar pod & bush peas (2/28) sugar pod & bush peas (2/28) sugar pod & bush peas (2/28)
Spinach & Brocolli (2/28) Spinach & Brocolli (2/28) Spinach & Brocolli (2/28) Spinach & Brocolli (2/28)
Romaine Lettuce (2/28) Mesclun & Br. Sprouts (2/28) Romaine Lettuce (2/28) Mesclun & Br. Sprouts (2/28)
Kale (2/28) Carrots (2/28) Kale (2/28) Carrots (2/28)

Box 2
Cabbage (2/28) Cauliflower (2/28) Cabbage (2/28) lettuce (2/28)
Cauliflower (2/28) Cabbage (2/28) lettuce (2/28)
Cabbage (2/28)
Cabbage (2/28) lettuce (2/28)
Cabbage (2/28) Cauliflower (2/28)
lettuce (2/28)
Cabbage (2/28) Cauliflower (2/28) Cabbage (2/28)

I put cloches over the top (painters plastic supported by arches of metal wire fence) to keep them warm enough to grow. These were free--already had old fence and the plastic--and they were very easy. I only used one tool, a pair of tin snips. The plastic is secured on each end of the cloche by bricks or large rocks. The cloches are not pretty but they are doing a great job protecting and warming my little seedlings.

This is what they look like underneath! Ok, this is box #2 and he is not very impressive. In fact, he is downright disappointing! Most of the squares have one plant growing when I planted at least 3 seeds in each box. My one consolation is that I can plant again, and I will. This week as soon as it stops raining I will plant some spinach, mesclun, radishes and green onions around these little starts.

I'm soo proud of Box#1. Her seedlings really did they're thing. They're so cute I could just eat them up! I do have a problem in the two squares that were supposed to have Kale--they didn't grow. But every other box is going great guns! The four bottom squares that look empty are not. They have itsy bitsy, teeny, tiny, cute, little carrots growing. The seedling tops are very feathery. Within a few more weeks you should be able to see those in pics too!

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