Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shopping list

Are you guys getting tired of my shopping lists yet? Are they helpful? Well, I'm gonna keep posting them until I get complaints--it fills a day of blogging.

This week I'm heading over to Fred Meyer's and I might stop by Saar's if I'm in the neighborhood.

Fred Meyer's
10- 1/2 gallons milk $10 (with coupon)
4 General Mills Cereals 4/$6 (w/coupon) -$1.50 manuf coupon
8 Peanut Butter 4/$5 (w/coupon)
8 BarS Hot Dogs .88c each (w/coupon)-.25c each manuf coupon
6 Candy Bars 3/$1 (w/coupon)
2 Speed Stick (for my boys) $1ea-.75c manuf coupon

Saar's Marketplace
5 doz egg $4.49 (w/coupon)
6 64 oz apple juice .99c ea (w/coupon)
2 2lb Medium Cheddar $3.79ea (w/coupon)

This week's menu
Sunday-dinner at mom's, I bring the scalloped potatoes
Monday-Pot Roast with Roasted Potatoes, Carrots, Celery, Salad and rolls
Tuesday-Beef Enchiladas, Mexi Rice, Beans, Cabbage Salad
Wednesday-French Onion Soup, Bread, Salad
Thursday- Cook's Choice AKA pull something out of the freezer night!
Friday-Pepperoni Pizza
Saturday-Hot Dogs, Potato Salad, Jello, Coleslaw


  1. Hey on the Saar's coupons don't they require you to buy $5 in food besides the coupon amounts? Or do the other coupons count towards the $5?

  2. Sorry - one more question :) Where did you get the Bar S coupons?

  3. Celeste, You are so right--I didn't even notice that on the bottom of the Saar's coupon it says "$5 minimum purchase excluding coupon items" Does it always have that? Oops! I guess I've been lucky because they've never stopped me on it.

    I got the BarS coupons on the BarS website I printed them yesterday--today it says the site is under construction. Hopefully it will work again soon. Good luck.


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