Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saar's Marketplace "Gross"?!

"Ewww, I don't shop there. It's, like, gross and, like, icky!"

"Ach, the people there are scary!"

"Oh no, not there, I hate it there."

These are some of the responses I hear when I ask people if they shop Saar's Marketplace. Most people deny shopping there, yet know what it is like inside anyways, how is that? Yeah, I don't particularly "like" Saar's Marketplace either, not the store anyways. But I do like their deals.

Some of you may be wondering why there is so much hate heading in the direction of Saar's. The answer is plain and simple--it is old, sometimes dirty and appeals to the lowest common denominator (if you know what I mean). However, I have three bits of GREAT NEWS about Saar's Marketplace that you may appreciate . . . .
  1. Saar's Marketplace has an EXCELLENT assortment of Ethnic and specialty ethnic products, both asian and mexican. Dave likes to pick up Horchata mix there and my kids like some of the mexican goodies--it reminds them of their "childhood" in Fresno.
  2. Saar's Marketplace often has drastically reduced prices on near poll date and past poll date products in a special section in the back by the cheese. Last Tuesday, before leaving town, I purchased Yoplait yogurt for $1 a case!! Yes, it was expiring the next day but is good at home for 13 days past poll date (? might be 10?) and with my kids yogurt hasn't got a chance past 1 week. Sure enough, got home Sunday and there were only 4 containers left of the 2 cases I had purchased. They ate 20 containers of yogurt in 5 days!!! Next time you're there check out their clearance refrig section.
  3. Saar's Marketplace in Tacoma is disgusting, in Lakewood is so-so, on Pearl street is pretty nice, or so I've heard. I'll be checking it out in the next couple of weeks and I'll bring you a full report. If you can't wait for me to be the guinea pig and you want to go first, I'd love to hear your report.

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  1. I've only gone to one location -- Pearl. It is a little gross, but I love the produce prices. I wish I could get them to mail me an ad for the coupons!


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