Friday, April 10, 2009

Pre-Easter shopping list

This week is one of the biggest grocery shopping weeks of the year--Easter. Everybody is gathering up their hams and eggs and potatoes and all the goodies to go along with it. Unfortunately the stores know this and haven't put out any totally incredible sales. I was a bit disappointed I couldn't take advantage of any great loss leaders. Oh well.

I still must do some shopping and will be going today or tomorrow. Definitely before the weekend rush hits and everyone is purchasing their last minute eggs and ham. These are the best deals I found out there for this week:

Saar's Marketplace
strawberries 97 c/lb
avocados 2/88 c
2.5 dozen eggs for $1.99
butter 99c/lb
celery 58 c each
yams 48c/lb
2# cheese $3.99
oranges 38c/lb

Del Monte Fruit buy 10 get $3 off = 70c/can
Ham 97c/lb
Various items are on sale in the buy $25 of products get $10 off your meat purchase ad. If you're buying your meat here anyways you can count that as $10 off the products if you like. I do. That $10 off makes the $1 items only 60 cents, $2 items go down to $1.20 and the $2.50 items only $1.50. Anything listed in the ad in the $3 section will cost you only $1.80, $3.99 will be $2.40, 2.99 will be $1.80, $6 is $3.60 and 6.99 is $4.19. I'll be purchasing bacon, bakers chocolate, coconut, Lipton Onion recipe secrets, marshmallow creme, cool whip, cream cheese, and Best Foods Mayonnaise. Unfortunately there aren't many coupons out there that match these items but you may find a few if your items differ from mine. The prices are still pretty good, even without coupons.

Safeway, Fred Meyer and QFC had a few good prices too but were trumped by Alby's and Saar's this week. Get hopping and Go shopping!

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  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    I went for Albertsons this week as well. The spend $25 and get $10 of free meat worked really well for me. They also had a 3 for $5 butter sale, but what I was really excited about was they dropped their milk to $1.99 a gallon. That was a big deal for me when they stopped taking coupons since I have to buy four gallons a week! Thanks for teaching us all how to save more on our grocery budgets!


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