Monday, April 20, 2009

My Big Brag: Allison's Wedding Dress

Introducing: The happy new couple,
Jacob and Allison Call!How happy he is to be wearing his new custom-made tie and she her custom-made dress and veil!

This has been a very exciting dress to make. It all began about 6 weeks ago when Jacob called to ask if I had time to make a dress. Allison and I talked on the phone for a little while discussing what she wanted. She insisted that she wasn't very picky, just wanted something simple and inexpensive. She also wanted it to be short with short sleeves--she doesn't like formal dresses. And it all had to be done without her--she had no time to travel for fittings and wasn't going to be able to meet me until the morning of the wedding. I was a little scared but accepted the challenge.

That night I emailed her and asked her to take some very specific measurements and send me some pictures of other dresses she had seen and liked. She emailed me back. The pictures told me a lot more about her. She liked bows. She liked full skirts. She liked retro. She liked interesting textures and patterns in the fabrics. The measurements told me she was tiny and may need some pattern alterations.

I emailed Allison a few pictures, narrowing the field on the things she liked and didn't like. She decided on one of the dresses and it was this one.
I'm not a fashion illustrator and I do not even pretend that this is an excellent picture but it is the one she chose.

I set to work making the pattern to her measurements and stitched up a very beautiful and lovely muslin/prarie dress. I shipped it off to her. She took pictures of the muslin on her. Took note of spots that were too big/small and by how much and then emailed it all back to me.

I know--it doesn't look pretty but it is just for measurements sake.

I made the necessary adjustments and made the final pattern. She didn't care what kind of fabric it was out of but preferred an antique white. Since it was a simple style and I already knew she liked texture from the earlier pictures I choose to do the dress in a beautiful Dupioni silk. I cut out the pattern and started sewing. And sewing. And sewing.

It was a really easy dress to sew and went together really smoothly (I think it helped that I started and ended every sewing session with a prayer--please, please, please let this fit Allison!)
I had to reteach myself how to make a petticoat, it's been a few years since I made an adult one. It took about a week of sewing a few hours every day. And then a couple days of hand stitching hems, etc. while watching Chuck and Life off the DVR.

It was done and not a moment too soon. I was to leave 2 days later. We packed up for Florida. Carried the dress on, didn't want to risk losing it.

We arrived at 10:00 pm eastern on Wednesday evening. The wedding was Thursday morning at 10am. I was only able to bring a needle, thread, pins and scissors--no sewing machine. I was so very very very very VERY nervous! Would it fit, would it be too small too big?

IT WAS PERFECT. I was so excited. They were very excited too. She loved it, her mom loved it! No changes necessary and here are a few pictures of her the next morning at the Orlando, Florida LDS temple. (These are just my pictures, not professional, when I get a copy of the good pics I'll post one or two)
Posing on a bench. So cute and what lovely shoes!

chatting whit her new hubby

swinging the new dress around. With a full skirt it's fun to do!

happily ever after!

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  1. Thanks for putting up pictures! It is a lovely dress and how fun is that style? I am amazed at her easy going, brave nature that she was willing to meet her wedding dress the night before her wedding. Ah seems like she must be a lovely friendly girl.


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