Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Helluvalotta Ham

I cooked a 10 pound ham for 6 people on Easter. I have about 7 pounds of meat and bone left. What to do with it?

I will cut as much of the meat off the bone as I can. Some will come off in nice thin slices perfect for ham sandwiches. Set those aside into a ziploc and place into your refrig or freezer (if you're not going to use it in the next few days). Some will come off in thick slices and chunks. Set these aside, also into a ziploc or several ziplocs and place into the refrig or freezer. These chunks are perfect for using as pizza toppings, in casseroles and other recipes that need pieces of ham. Lastly, save the ham bone! You can use it for soup or tasty beans. If you don't have time to make do it right now put the bone in a bag and place it into the refrig or freezer for later use.

5 recipes to put your after Easter meat to good use:

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