Monday, April 13, 2009

10% more

I don't shop Walgreens often for two simple reasons. One: I rarely see enough items on sale in their ad to justify making a special trip there, and two: when I have gone to purchase advertised sale items I always have problems with items ringing up wrong or coupons not being accepted or whatever. It just turns out to be a hassle.

Occasionally I will shop Walgreens if I'm going there anyways for a prescription or I just can't resist an advertised sale. About 8 weeks ago both hit at the same time. Cora was sick and needed antibiotics and there was a rebate available on a cosmetics product I had wanted to try, it was going to be FREE!

So, I purchased the prescription and the cosmetics and a few other sale items. I went home, carefully filled out all the rebate forms and mailed them off. I had been waiting ever since for the rebate to come back. I've had so many problems with Walgreens before, I didn't know if I truly would get the rebate or the whole rebate amount or whatever. I was expecting they would reject the rebate because I had used coupons with my purchase. I worried that perhaps I hadn't purchased the exact right product and they would reject the rebate because I purchased the wrong color or something. Because I have always had so much trouble with the in store specials I was skeptical about the Walgreens rebates.

Saturday I received an envelope from Walgreens headquarters. Would it be a rejection notice? Would it be for $9 or the full $19.96? It was the moment of truth, are the Walgreens rebates as difficult as the Walgreens register rewards?

I opened the envelope and found a Walgreens gift card and a note. The gift card had the $19.96 on it plus 10% more for a total of $21.95. YES, more than I had expected! If you get your rebate by gift card, as opposed to check, they will add 10% more to your rebate. I like that!

Though it doesn't make up for the difficulty shopping at Walgreens can sometimes be, I will pay closer attention to the Walgreens advertised rebates. And maybe I'll find another Walgreens to shop at, perhaps the difficulty is just the store I'm shopping.

Speaking of 10% more---
Only a few more days to purchase your Albertsons gift cards. Purchase them in increments of $250 or $300 and get 10% more automatically added to the card. Remember my previous post on the "Refund Rewards"--it is a better return than putting your money into savings or a CD.

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