Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Break 2009!!!

Whoo hooo! It's Spring Break! I celebrated this morning by first, sleeping in and second, making french toast for breakfast.

We are not going anywhere for spring break. Dave has to coach polo every morning, my homeschooler has work to catch up on, my daughter has violin lessons, the kids have a primary activity to attend and I have a wedding dress to make. However, we will not let any of that keep us from having some family fun this break.

This week we will:
  1. go to the library
  2. have a movie marathon
  3. have an ice cream party
  4. go to the beach
  5. go fishing
  6. make sugar cookies
  7. go to the dog park and playground
  8. go for a bike ride
  9. paint flowers and polka dots in the girls bedroom
  10. plant some flowers
  11. work on the car and boat
  12. snuggle up to read books
  13. have a silly string fight
I know one of you just got back from Hawaii and another of you are leaving for Disneyland!!! What are the rest of you doing for spring break?


  1. HI Dani,

    Our family isn't going anywhere as Sarah is recovering from surgery. We are, however, taking this opportunity to clean...and I mean clean...each of our bedrooms. I can't believe how much "stuff" has accumulated since we moved in. How I miss being in the military and being forced to move all the time. I thought the D.I. trailer was supposed to be at the Church parking lot. Oh well...I guess I will drive to Federal Way to make a deposit.

  2. Hello Dani! I'm writing to you from sunny Calaveras County in CA (think Mark Twain and Gold Rush Country). It's 80 degrees here and the pool is crowded! I had to turn on the A/C when we arrived, and it is finally cooling off now....Enjoy your Spring Break!

  3. How fun! I wish i got a spring break!

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  5. maybe have a baby... or at least prepare for one.

    Piano group class, go to the docs, Go to the zoo, the library, movie day, play outside as much as possible, organize baby clothes, design another wedding invitation, pay my bills, organize my new "craft spot" in the basement, rearrange carseats in car, plant flowers, read lots & lots of books... and anything else fun we have time for!


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