Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shopping . . .again

Albertsons IS accepting competitor coupons through the first week of April. I have had three different employees tell me three different dates so I don't know if it is the 4th, 5th or 6th, but it is in there somewhere. They claim that there will be great sales every week to include double coupons like the ones in this weeks ad but no one really knows for sure.

Many of you have asked what to do next? Where do we shop now? and I've been really hesitant to jump in and give a definitive answer. I will likely shop wherever the best deals are each week. This may take me a little more time in planning because I'll have to search through all the ads but it'll be worth it.

Several of you have pointed out the Walmart accepts competitor coupons and matches advertised sales. I have not shopped there with competitor coupons or price matches so can't really give my opinion. However, I do know that they recently received approval and are working on permits to add a food section this summer--Hello SuperWalmart! If you've had experience shopping at Walmart with coupons will you fill us in on any rules or requirements that they have, please.

This weeks shopping list is short and sweet. Be sure to grab the following coupons for the best deals this week:
15 lb bag Potatoes $1.99
Tomatoes 49 cents a pound
baby peeled carrots 88 cents a pound
5 # bag white or yellow onions 99 cents
8 oz tomato sauce 19 cents
American Singles cheese (16 slice pack) 79 cents
8 oz cream cheese 99 cents
Fred Meyer's
1/2 gallon milk 99 cents
1/2 gallon ice cream $1.66
generic Jello 20 cents/box
Alby's--no coupon required
9-12 oz Fresh Express Salads including Romaine and Spinach


  1. I have shopped the puyallup Walmart and their policy is no more than 8 coupons at the self check out and at regular registars if you have more than 40 coupons the manager needs to approve it. It's best to just break up you transactions to avoid the whole mess of the manager. Good Luck! Thanks for posting, love reading what you write!

  2. Walmart may have changed their policy, but the last time I shopped there for groceries(1-2 yrs ago), they accepted competitor ads (matched sale prices) but did not accept competitor coupons... Of course, they do accept Manufacture coupons like everyone. FYI


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