Thursday, March 05, 2009

shopping 3/4/09

As more people are using coupons Albertsons is doing more training for their cashiers. In the old days, 6 months ago or more, every cashier had a different way of ringing up coupons. Some would hand ring every item. Others would scan and subtract. Some would let you purchase over the limit and others wouldn't. I have always taken notice of which cashiers were better than the others, if they could ring the products quick, if they were knowledgeable about sales, products and coupons, I always go to their lines.

Last week I didn't have an option. There were only two cashiers working and, I knew, both of them were very slow and often made mistakes. I chose a line, smiled at the cashier and handed her my coupons. I chatted her up a bit as she scanned items. She was in a good mood, moving quick and, suprisingly, not making any mistakes. I commented on how much quicker she was at coupons than last time I saw her. She thanked me for the compliment and noted that they have so many people using coupons now that it has become second nature. She went on to give me two tips the management has been stressing at her store.

First, they technically do not have a limit on how many competitor coupons can be used in a transaction. I suggest being kind to people in line behind you--warn them--but bring on all the coupons you can find!

Second, they are really watching the purchase requirements on mega coupons. Did that sound like garble to you? sorry. What that means is when you use the coupons from the Entertainment book, Safeway, etc. that say $5 off a $50 transaction or $10 off a $50 transaction (these are mega coupons) you must meet the transaction dollar amount ($50 for this example) after all your other coupons have been redeemed. I'll explain it one other way: after competitor coupons are subtracted your grocery total comes to $55, then they subtract your $5 in manufacturer coupons leaving you with a total of $50, then they subtract your $5 mega coupon (if you are still over $50), leaving you with a grand total of $45. Get it?

Anyways, get in the loop with your Albertsons cashier, knowing the rules will help you maximize your savings and the cashiers are getting better at knowing the rules.

This week was not such a hot shopping week as last week was but I still spent my $50 bucks. Here's what I got this week:
1 Classico Pasta Sauce (safeway coupon $1.37)
6 Alby's Pasta Sauce (Saar's coupon 99 cents ea)
6 8-oz tomato sauce (saar's coupon 19 cents ea)
3 pkgs large egg noodles (ssar's coupon 77 cents ea)
1 pkg Oreos (Safeway $1.29)
10 1/2-gallons milk (Fred Meyer coupon 99 cents ea)
12 Yoplait Yogurts (Saar's coupon 39 cents ea -$1 manuf coupon)
2 1/2-gallons ice cream (Saar's coupon 99 cents ea)
6 apple juice concentrate (Saar's coupon 99 cents ea)
3 BarS Bacon (Saar's coupon $1.99 ea)
2 pkgs Sausage (Saar's coupon ($2.99 ea)
1 head of lettuce (89 cents Alby's coupon)
7 lbs Oranges (Saar's coupon 29 cents/lb-$1 tote credit)
2 lbs Brocolli (Saar's coupon 58 cents/lb)
2 pkgs Fishsticks (Buy one get one free -$1 manuf coupon)
of course I also used my $5 off entertainment book mega coupon

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