Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Scratch Vs. The Box--Brownies

Have you ever wondered if it is cheaper to cook from scratch or from a box? You know I have. In fact, I have done the math.
Today's bout of Scratch Vs The Box is Brownies. How low will Box Brownies have to go to beat the price punch of Scratch Brownies? Let's take a look inside the ring to find out.

In the white corner we have Scratch, the defending champion of home economics, holding the ingredients for a batch of his world famous, Super Moist, Scratch Brownies. The ingredients and their costs are: 1/2 c Margerine (37 cents), 6T Cocoa Powder (13 cents), 1c Sugar (17 cents), 2 eggs (16 cents), 3/4 c flour (6 cents), 1 t vanilla (10 cents). For a grand total of 99 cents. Yes, you heard it right here folks, Scratch weighs in today on brownies at a mere 99 cents!

And in the Blue corner we have today's challenger, Box Brownies. Box Brownies needs 1/4 c water (2 cents), 1/3 c Vegetable oil (15 cents) and 2 eggs (16 cents) to make his batch good. Can he beat Scratch with 33 cents worth of ingredients already in his pocket? You did that math fast folks, and you're right. Only if he's less than 66 cents is he going to make it out of this ring alive today!

Will Scratch take Box down in the first round? Can Box come back from behind? Does either one have a chance of tasting good after all this over mixing? Only you can judge the final score on this bout: can you get box brownies for less than 66 cents a box?

For a complete recipe, with directions for Super Moist Scratch Brownies see my post Do the Puyallup!


  1. You know, I am a huge fan of things made from scratch. I think they taste better most of the time. But nothing beat dumping a bag of brownie mix for a quick dessert. I'd have to say that I'd make either one, depending on the time and if I feel like making a mess with my cocoa (I always do). The convenience of the box is worth the extra 33 cents! Although I will give your recipe a shot!

  2. You are so right Celeste, brownies from the box are a bit easier. They eliminate two steps: melting the butter and cocoa, measuring the dry ingredients. Some days that is certainly worth paying more for. You may remember however that several weeks ago I went shopping and purchased 10 boxes of brownies for 65 cents each. Now I'm good for quick and easy brownies until the next sale without the premium. And if I run out (or have more time one night) I'll still do the scratch. Having the boxes in the stockpile sure does open options! Bottom line: When you see boxes on sale under 66 cents a box, BUY THEM!

  3. I love that you did the math here! I only buy brownie mix at .99 cents for less (Fred Meyer's everyday price for Duncan Hines chewy brownies). It's worth .33 cents to me just to dump the box in a bowl and have less cleanup! Thanks for doing all the work!


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