Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An overabundance of Onions?

No, my garden is not magically producing enormous quantities of fresh produce. Though I did spot a few little sprouts trying to push their way through the top layer of soil. Or maybe that was just some weeds, I guess I'll find out soon.

No, the overabundance isn't from the garden it is from the Saar's coupons. The last few weeks Saar's has put out some crazy good coupons on produce and, of course, I haven't been able to contain myself. I purchased the full amount allowable by the limit.

Three or more weeks ago that crazy good produce coupon was 9 lbs of onions for 99 cents. What do you do with 9 lbs of onions besides French Onion Soup? Well, there are several things you can do with them: Store them, freeze them, dehydrate them.

I stored my onions in a cool dry place--my garage in a net bag that gets plenty of air circulation. This keeps the onions dry. As long as they stay dry and as long as all the onions were in good condition when I put them there (they were) they should last a very long time, or until I use them up, whichever comes first.

My good friends Lisa and Celeste like to freeze their onions. Yes onions freeze quite well if you're just planning on cooking them. To freeze onions cut into rings, slice into strips or dice your onions, discarding the outer papery layers and the ends. Place the cut onions into a Ziploc freezer bag or other suitable container and freeze. Viola! When you need onions scoop a few out of the bag and reseal.

If you've got a dehydrator you can also dry your onions. Slice your onions evenly and follow all the manufacturers directions that came with your dehydrator. Be sure to place your dried onions (they should be very brittle) into an airtight container and store out of direct sunlight. You can also turn your dried onions into diced onion bits or onion powder with just a few whirs in the blender.

When you get onions as cheap as we did it is really worth it to buy as many as you can and find a way to extend their useful life through proper storage.

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  1. You are one of the most resourceful and creative people I have ever seen with food. Very impressive.


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