Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Out in the garden

This is what my side yard looked like before. Not very impressive! Lots of weeds, rocks and logs. The soil is hard and full of roots from trees cut down years ago. The side yard is sloped. The drop from North to South is steep but walkable. The drop from West to East is slight but noticeable.

To the left (outside the picture) is a fence with grapevines and roses planted in front of it. To the right (outside the picture) is grass, two boats and a truck canopy. I know that sounds ugly, it is. But the canopy is temporary--2 weeks, and the 2nd boat will be sold in the next couple of months or Dave gets in trouble.

This is the side yard now. Not very impressive, yet! Ok, this is only half of the previous picture, there are two of these boxes end on end. The boxes went together really easily. The toughest part was digging into the hillside to get the boxes level. It took me about 3 hours to dig, assemble and fill the boxes 2 weeks ago.

This week it took me about an hour to add in compost, peat moss and extra soil and to add the the stakes on top. The stakes are screwed together but not fastened to the box. They will be used as a guide for planting but removed at the end of the year when I need to dig up the whole box or add compost, etc.

This past Saturday it took me another hour to carefully plant all my precious little seeds. It is still pretty cold here with several light frosts each week so I planted with that in mind. I set out the following seeds: Peas, Carrots, Spinach, Broccolli, 3 varieties of Lettuce, Brussell Sprouts, Kale, Cabbage and Cauliflower.

I've never grown Broccolli, Brussell Sprouts, Cabbage or Cauliflower and don't know if the seeds will germinate while it is still cold. So I'm going to start some of those seeds indoors as insurance. At the same time I'll plant my tomatoe seeds indoors too. I'll start these all in egg cartons later this week--when an egg carton empties out.


  1. Dani
    I bet your Vegetable garden will turn out amazing =)

  2. Inspiring! Wow, you are such woman! Jay wants us to plant a garden. I suggested getting chickens. Ha ha! Did you just get these supplies at Lowes or something? How much did the soil and stuff cost?

  3. Wow Dani! When do you sleep? Even though I am home all day, I still don't get half as much done as you do. You are my inspiration. I keep on saying "next year we will plant a garden". Maybe this is the year. The daycare kids will like it too.

  4. Hey Dani... why the fence posts across the garden?


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