Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meet Jacob and Allison

Jacob is my baby brother. I spent my teenage years babysitting him and kicking him out of my bedroom and yelling at him and telling him he was annoying. When he was just 7 years old I got married and moved away to college and only saw him infrequently after that. I know this sounds really sad---I don't know him well.

Jacob is 12 years younger than me. He is closer in age to my 12 1/2 year old son! Needless to say, we never hung out. I only ever met a handful of his buddies. And we never talked on the phone--neither one of us are talkers. I don't know his favorite foods, colors, songs or TV shows.

However I do know some stuff about him, my mom talks about him a lot and I'm a good listener. I know he loved trucks as a little boy. Through grade school his best friends were girls. He loves baseball and is an excellent player (though I don't know what position). He is also an accomplished wrestler. He is a very good musician, he can play piano, trumpet, euphonium, and something else (can't remember the name of the instrument), and he loves to sing--was in the Curtis Swing Choir. He speaks Japanese and Korean, likes school and likes to cook. He is a kind and gentle man who loves my children and lets them wrestle and beat him up. He hates video games and would rather be outside doing something active.

Well Jacob is all grown up now. He served a mission in Korea for two years and is now attending BYU Idaho and he has met the woman of his dreams: Allison!

I don't know much about Allison either, other than she is cute, she is tiny, she is smart, she is frugal and she loves my brother. That right there wins me over. That and ------ she has asked me to sew her wedding dress! I'm her fan forever: frugal, loves my brother and asks me to sew for her, she's the one!

Welcome to the family Allison. I am very excited to meet you April 16th when you marry my brother in the Orlando, Florida temple. I hope you look great in my, oops, YOUR dress!


  1. Wow, what a feat! I'm excited for you! I would love to be skilled enough to sew wedding dresses!

  2. Congratulations Jacob and Allison! I'm shocked that you're IMPRESSED by the wedding dress request -- I have A LOT of sewing that you can do for me. Will you love me, too? :)


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