Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday!

My wonderful husband rarely reads my blog. I could say anything I wanted about him and he would be totally oblivious, that is unless one of you snitched on me.

For instance I could tell you that he snores so loud the kids can hear him from their bedrooms--embarrasing. Or I could let it slip that he refuses to let me get backyard chickens--isn't he mean! Or I could blurt out that he has a weakness for Little Debbie's snack cakes--disgusting! He'll never know that I released these little secrets to the wind unless YOU tell him. So don't!

However, there is a little secret that I don't mind you sharing with him. It's his birthday today! He is a proud 38years old today. Yes, he has more gray hairs than my father. Yes, he has a few wrinkles. Yes, he still acts a teenager sometimes (don't they all?)--Again, those are secrets you shouldn't blab--. He may be older but he is still the strong, handsome, kind, caring man that I married 15 years ago with a bright twinkle in his denim blue eyes and a sparkling, contagious grin.

If you see him today, wish him a Happy Birthday or if you get a chance send him an email or write on his Facebook wall because (last little secret) he loves attention on his birthday.


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