Saturday, March 07, 2009

Certified Pre-owned kids clothes

My daughter Afton has an adorable, red polar fleece, Mickey Mouse hoodie. It looks so cute on her, it is in great condition and she gets lots of compliments on it. She wore it again yesterday and again had several people tell her how nice it was.

This hoodie has been with our family for a couple years (and will likely be with us a few more as it soon will fit my youngest daughter Cora) but we are not it's first owners. It is a circa 2004 hoodie that came from a friend of the family. They have provided our family with many pieces of clothing, all in excellent condition. I love getting clothes from them because they're not your average hand-me-downs.

Average hand-me downs have stains and holes. Average hand-me downs may have a missing button or stretched-out hem. Average hand-me downs are great for play clothes and pajamas. Some of them are even good for school or church after a little mending or spot treatment. Hand-me downs make up the majority of my kids wardrobes. These are the kinds of clothes I could buy for my kids at Target or Walmart but why spend the money when someone hands them down for free--they're just going to be messed up in two wearings anyways. I like hand-me downs.

I love Certified Pre-owned clothes! I get so excited when I receive a bag of clothes in pristine condition. You know, the bag of bright colored, spot free, fresh smelling clothes and shoes. The ones that are top brands, up to date styles and thick durable fabrics. These are the kinds of clothes I could never afford to dress my children in. Abercrombie, GAP, and lots of names that I can't pronounce. These are the clothes reserved for special occassions like the first day of school, picture day, parties, and meeting important people.

I am so grateful to my friends, family members and neighbors who pass along clothes, Certified Pre-owned or otherwise, it saves my family a lot of money. And to those of you who get clothes from me, I know they're mostly just hand-me downs but in a couple of years be on the lookout for a very cute red Mickey hoodie.

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