Saturday, March 21, 2009

Birthday Presents

March is a great time for birthdays. My husband was born in March. Three of my five nephews have March birthdays. I have several friends with birthdays in March too. I usually don't like shopping for birthday presents but in March I don't mind because March is a great time to shop for clearance clothes, toys and knick knacks to replenish my gift stockpile.

In March Nordstrom Rack has just received new inventory from the store and has suits on clearance. My hubby has needed a new suit for a while. He wears suits often and only has 2 to rotate through, one of which I don't like. For my hubby's birthday I took advantage of the sale prices for this years birthday present (Yep, got him a birthday suit :). He received a beautiful grey wool and cashmere$900 designer suit, $75 shirt and a $50 tie. Of course I did not pay $1025, I wouldn't dream of it! Instead I got my man outfitted for $265.62 including tax. Lucky for him I used to work at Nordy's as a tailor so his tailoring is FREE!

In February and March all the toys still leftover from Christmas are at drastic reductions and the stores are newly discounting items to make way for spring inventory. Walmart has an entire aisle of clearance, Target has clearance endcaps littered throughout the store and Fred Meyer has a bounty of clearance set out in aisles, on tables and at endcaps. Recently I found Playdough sets, Bakugan, Puzzles and Littlest Pet shop plush. I found a kids digital camera originally $35 marked down to $8.99 but rang up for $4.49! Awesome savings and a fun present to give!

Do you like to give knick knacks? January, February and March are abounding in clearance knick knacks. Check endcaps near the beauty section and home sections to find lotions, candles, frames, tablewear, home decor etc. At Albertsons I found several carts full of candles for pennies on the dollar. I stocked up--not for gifts, for emergency supplies. Holiday red Tapers and 3" pillars work great in an emergency not to mention they smell fantastic, Aroma-mergency.

Whether you have birthdays to shop for in March or not take some time to take advantage of the great deals that are out there. You're helping the store reduce their inventory and increase their bottom line and you're helping yourself stay under your budget. Watch for the clearance clothes, toys and other items that will help you build up a gift stockpile.
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  1. March is great time to shop for clearance sales, not only in US but in other part of the world also.:)


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