Monday, March 23, 2009

Albertson's Refund Rewards

Now through April 15th when you buy a "refund rewards" Albertson's gift card get 10% more cash on the card!

Here's what you do:
  1. Go to Albertson's customer service and tell them you want to purchase Albertson's "refund rewards" cards.
  2. Choose your amount in increments of $250 or $300 up to $1,250 per household.
  3. Receive your card with 10% extra on it. If you purchased a $250 card it will be loaded with $275. If you purchased a $300 card it will be loaded with $330.
  4. Use your card to do all your regular grocery shopping. Unfortunately the cards may not be used to buy dairy products, prescription drugs, fuel or additional gift cards. And of course you can't use them for alcohol, tobacco, or lottery tickets either.
For my family $1250 is 5 months of groceries and the additional 10%=$125= another half month of groceries FREE!

You may want to consider this an investment. Two safe investments you may be considering for your tax return are Savings accounts and Certificates of Deposit. The current rates on CD's and savings are: 6 month CD 2.36% OR Savings account 3.3% APY. I agree, those numbers look pretty little, but before we judge let's do the math.

If you took $1250 of your tax rebate and put it into:
  • a 6-month CD at 2.36% you would yield =$1,265 in October
  • a savings account at 3.3% you would yield= $1271 by October
  • An Albertsons "rebate rewards" at 10% you would yield =$1375 NOW!
Of course that $1375 can only be used at Albertson's and can't be used on some products but, hey, you're gonna shop there anyway!

You may be concerned that you won't be able to spend that much at Albertsons considering the new "no competitor coupons" coupon policy. But really, do you think you'll never step foot in there again? You will! They have awesome sales on quality products and are the only grocery store in the Puget Sound area that currently offers double coupons--you'll be back. And remember, you don't have to buy $1,250 worth of gift card. You can just get $300. That still gives you a free $30!

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  1. I blew my refund in January, but I'll definitely do the $300.00 deal! Thanks for reminding me about it, 'cause I had forgotten...Keep up the great blogging, I love it!


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