Sunday, March 08, 2009

5 stages of Grief

I am hoping that I will soon wake up from a very bad dream. I am hoping that I am imagining this and that it really isn't happening. I am hoping that my sister and the coupon forums are lying to me in a vast conspiracy to quell my coupon savings. It can't be! Please say it ain't so--

But alas it is true, as of March 18th Albertsons will no longer be accepting competitor coupons. Oh, they have cut me deep. I have been so loyal, I have told so many people to shop Albertsons. I WAS THEIR NUMBER ONE FAN AND THIS IS HOW THEY TREAT ME?! They can't treat me like this. I'll show them to trifle with my grocery budget, they don't know who they're messing with. I'll sabotage them--I'll never go back--I'll tell everyone to stop shopping there. They'll see. They'll be sorry!

Please Albertsons, please reconsider. You don't want to lose me as a customer. I can guarantee you a steady stream of money, $200 bucks at least, every month. How 'bout I up my budget a bit, I was thinking about doing it anyways. What if I spent $60 a week, maybe $75. Yeah, I could do $75. I will do $75 a week--that's $300 a month you'll be throwing out the window if you take away those competitor coupons. Now, you don't want to do that do you? We can get through this together, you don't have to go to extremes. Please don't do this to me.

How could you do this to me Albertsons. You've taken away all the meaning from my weekly grocery planning. You've left me heartbroken. I don't know what I'll do without competitor coupons. I feel so lost, so lonely. Nobody understands, you certainly don't. If you did you wouldn't do this. You leave me no choice, my shopping days are over, I might as well give up. There is no way I can feed my family anymore. No more, I am finished. I am useless.

I have not yet reached this final stage. I can not yet accept this grave tragedy. I hear that Albertsons will be offering some great double coupons and more savings programs but until I actually see them I remain unconvinced. In the mean time, consider this your starting gun for a mad dash to the end of competitor coupons. Do your best this next week. Enjoy it while you've got it because the finish line is drawing near.


  1. Anonymous5:23 AM

    I feel your pain-I am in denial, too.
    Do you at least get safeway doublers? We don't even get THOSE here.
    It has been a few months now for us-and I am still in denial-let me know if you find a miracle cure. Oh-and don't forget to write corporate-that eases the blow a bit.

  2. I was in your Puyallup class and have been saving a ton, thanks! Just a FYI, I called my store and they have said that they are still taking the competitor coupons and as of right now there are no plans to change this. This makes me very happy :)

  3. I called our Albertsons and the guy I talked to (Ken I think?) said he hadn't heard about them stopping competitor coupons. Maybe you could call and get someone who knows?? We can't give up yet!!!

  4. Sorry to break it to you gals, I've been on the phone all morning with all four area Albertsons. I spoke with the managers and this is for real! They did tell me that they will start putting more sales and coupons in their weekly flyers and they will continue doing manufacturer coupons. I'll keep you posted.

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  6. From Lisa via email:"I just got off the phone with Reed, who is the Assistant Store Director at our Albertson's (Steilacoom Blvd). He confirmed that on March 18th information will start to go out to the public about the competitor coupon halt, but that they won't actually stop taking those coupons until April 4th. I asked him what they planned to do for us customers who mostly shop at Albys because they DO take competitor coupons, and he said that they will continue to offer the double coupon vouchers, as well as begin to give much deeper "front page ad" discounts and deals than before. It sounded to me like they realize that a lot of people will be dissapointed (more like devastated!), and that they are going to try to offer other deals to keep us coming back. I hope so!!!" Me too--Thanks Lisa

  7. Dani, Would you consider Wal-Mart? I've recently found their bargains to be worth the drive! Not sure if they accept competitor coupons though!!

  8. Oh, Man! Why, why, why? It seems that everything good always gets discontinued... I wonder how this will change your Coupons 101 presentation on 04/23? :)


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