Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where Has All the Food Gone?

You may recall that last week I went over my $50 limit by $12.13. As I went back through my posts I have noticed that I have been over my $50 limit a lot lately. Just by a few bucks usually, but still over. I have also noticed that my stockpile is not growing as fast as it once did. Still growing, just not exponentially.

What's going on? Am I spending irrationally? Am I purchasing items I don't need? Where is my stockpile disappearing to? Is someone stealing from the pantry? Are Dave and the kids hiding stuff to tease me?

As I sat at the kitchen table trying to figure out this dilemma Heath walked in. Heath is my 12 year old son. He came in and made his usual beeline to the refrig., grabbed some cheese, went to the pantry for a box of crackers and stuffed an apple in his hoodie pocket. I stopped him. This is our conversation:

"What are you doing? You just ate a huge lunch and a bowl of ice cream."

"I'm hungry"

"Before lunch you had pudding and a granola bar"

"Yeah, I was hungry then too."

"You had 2 bowls of cereal, some toast, orange juice and a half grapefruit for breakfast!"

"Yep" He walked out.

So, I may be exageratting the story a bit but---He's the culprit!

So for the next month or two I am going to, more carefully than usual, track my pantry, freezer and shopping list. Due to the teenager I may have to bump up my budget a few bucks.

Here's this weeks list:

7# Roma Tomatoes @ .39/lb (Saar's coupon)
20# Apples @ .29/lb (Saar's coupon)
6 Lg. Green Bell Peppers .33 ea. (Saar's coupon)
3# Green Cabbage .34/lb (Saar's coupon)
3 Cucumbers .33 ea (Saar's coupon)
12 Lemons .33 ea (Saar's coupon)
12 Limes .17 ea (Saar's coupon)
12 Kiwis .16 ea (Saar's coupon)
3# Pears .68/lb (Saar's coupon)
1 24oz Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats .99 (Safeway coupon) -.70 manf. coupon
2 17 oz Kellogg's Cereals $2 ea (Freddy's coupon) -$2 manf. coupons
1 box of Pop Tarts Free with purchase of 3 Kellogg's cereals
6 18 oz Alby's Peanut Butter $1.33 ea (Fred Meyer coupon)
3 Capri Sun packs $1.75ea. after instant Alby's savings
1 Pack of Oreos $1.75 after instant Alby's savings --sshhh! don't tell the kids, this is for me :)
Nabisco Saltines .97 ea (Alby's coupon)
1 2liter Crush Orange FREE (safeway coupon)
1 # butter .99 (Safeway coupon)2 16 oz
5 4pk single roll Cottonelle TP .79 ea (Freddy's coupon) -$2 manuf. coupons

I will use the $10 off coupon in the Safeway ad and my grand total will come to $37.66!

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