Friday, February 20, 2009


So, I have an admission to make: I broke two of my rules.

Remember a few months ago when I gave you a list of shopping rules/tips. Things like don't shop on the weekends, don't take your kids, etc. And then of course I'm always touting my personal $50 a week rule. Well, you know, I'm really sorry but I have a good reason and I think you should hear it.

First was last week. I went shopping on Saturday. I know it is the craziest day of the week and the store is full and there is never any good help and the lines are super long but I had no other choice. I had so many things going on last week, you probably noticed there was only one post. Remember?! . . . I was crazy busy.

I thought long and hard before deliberately disobeying myself. I weighed the options: don't go to bed on Wednesday night, skip the "sex-ed review" parent night at the elementary school, not take Afton to violin lessons, and on and on. Yeah, I suppose I could have gone shopping instead of following through on those things but really, the consequences would have been worse!

You know why I avoid the stores on weekends and between the hours of 3-7pm on weekdays. It's because it's crazy at the store. It's a madhouse! But I had to go and I had to go on Saturday. Was it the only way? Yes, it was the only way to get my grocery shopping in. So I did it.

I decided to go first thing on Saturday, before too many people got there and the store got too busy. I was there at the crack of dawn, 10am. OK, not the crack of dawn, I slept in. but it was early enough to avoid the ginormous Saturday afternoon crowds. Before leaving I warned myself and my family that I may be gone for a few hours. And I made sure I was really organized, all my coupons lined up and list written out to avoid last minute hassles in line.

Wouldn't you know, I got there and the crowds weren't too bad. I did have to wait in line to get produce and do quite a bit more maneuvering and weaving than usual but I made it ok. The check-out line wasn't too long and all in all, I was only there an extra 30 minutes more than my usual 50 minute shopping trips.

Second is today. I haven't done it yet, but I am preparing to break a rule. I am going to spend $75 today on groceries. I have to. I must! Have you seen that Alby's sale with the Betty Crocker and General Mills? Have you seen the Saar's coupons? Have you seen the milk coupon in Fred Meyers ad? I just can't pass any of it up. I really, really need this stuff. Yes, I know the big sales six weeks ago were better than these ones, but that was six weeks ago! I have no idea when these things are going to be this low again. I've got to do it. I'm sorry.

Here's my shopping list for today Friday, February 20th, 2009. I will have to do 9 transactions to maximize my savings. Here goes:

10 Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes 65 cents each
20 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks/Rolls 70 cents each
8 Pillsbury Grands biscuits 10 cents each
2 Betty Crocker Cake Mixes 25 cents each
20 Progresso Soups 25 cents each
5 Betty Crocker Frostings 16 cents each
15 boxes of General Mills Cereals $1.20 each
4 boxes Kellogg's Cereals 87 cents each
10 1/2 gallons of milk $1.00 each
9# of onions for 99 cents
9# of Navel oranges for $2.98
3# of Grapes for $2.98
7# of Braeburn Apples for $3.36
2 dozen eggs 99 cents each
4 boxes of saltine crackers 99 cents each
4 canisters of Morton salt 49 cents each

28 lbs of produce and 104 grocery items for $74.87 (if my calculations are correct)

UPDATE (8:35pm) I purchased everything on the above list and ended up spending $62.13! Before I went shopping I found a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase. At the checkout a coupon printed out for $3.50 off my next purchase--I have no idea why it printed out but since I was doing multiple purchases I used it on the very next transaction. I have no idea how I saved another $4.24 but I did, must have done some math wrong but I'm not complaining! PLUS I got 7 coupons for $16 Lube, Oil, Filter service that printed out too! Whoo hoo!

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