Saturday, February 28, 2009

Questions Answered

This is a real question and my real answer from a friend on Facebook. If you have questions you'd like me to answer post a comment, find me on Facebook, or email me at

The coupons...what grocery store do you use them at?

I do all my grocery shopping at Albertsons. In my opinion Albertsons is the best place for coupon shoppers to shop for 3 reasons.

1-Albertsons accepts all competitor coupons. They take Fred Meyer coupons, Red Apple coupons, Safeway coupons, Saar's Marketplace coupons and others. All of them! As long as it is a grocery store coupon they will take it.

2- Albertsons will combine their sales with competitor coupons. So for instance, this week Albertsons has a horrible "sale" on Kellogg's cereals: $3.29 each and when you buy 3 you get a free box of Pop Tarts. (That is not a sale, that is highway robbery!) But . . .Safeway has a coupon for one box of Raisin Bran or Shredded Wheat for 99 cents and Fred Meyer has a coupon for $2 a box (5/$10 but you don't have to get all 5). So now you get 3 boxes for a total of $5 and get free Pop Tarts!

3-Albertsons stacks coupons. This means that you can combine an Albertsons coupon/sale with a competitor coupon AND a manufacturer coupon. So in the example above where your using competitor coupons to get your cereal and Pop Tarts you can further reduce your price by using manufacturer coupons. On the Kellogg's website you can print two $1 off of one box of Frosted Flakes. In last weeks Sunday coupons there was a coupon for 70 cents off one box of Kellogg's cereal. These manufacturer coupons reduce your $5 to a mere $2.30 for 3 cereals and one box of Pop Tarts!

So that was kinda long winded. The longest note I've EVER written on FB. But hopefully it answers your question.

Albertsons is my store!


  1. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Keep in mind, though, that most Albie's are not accepting ANY competitor coupons anymore-according to corporate,anyway.

    It is just a select few -mostly on the West side within WA-that just so happened to not be bought out by Supervalu-or if they were bought out are choosing to use whatever random reason to accept them regardless.

    If your Albie's still takes competitor coupons (such as lucky Dani!!!!!)then consider yourself extremely fortunate.

    Also, the fred meyer deal with kroger downloadable coupon for your fred meyer savings card made frosted flakes 1.00 a box there-so it does pay to keep options open, sometimes.

    With ours no longer taking competitor q's-I ave had to become very creative in finding deals elsewhere-it takes a lot of work!

    I SO wish I were in your shoes, Dani-I am so BUMMED we no longer get to use our competitor q's at Albie's!


  2. I am SO VERY glad that the Puget Sound area Albertsons still accept competitor coupons. It probably goes without saying that if Alby's chooses to discontinue competitor coupons here in the Puget Sound, I will no longer shop there. But I have no idea where I will shop.

    Thank you so much for your comment Shari. I appreciate having some perspective from other areas.


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