Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I was looking for some bacon yesterday. I thought I had some in the refrig but it was gone. How could that be? I had hidden it pretty good behind the avocados. I'm the only avocado eater in the house, everyone else steers way clear of 'em, surely the bacon couldn't have been found.

Perhaps I put them somewhere else, maybe the freezer. Yes, that was it, I cut some off and put it in the freezer to hide it from Dave. He can smell bacon from across the street-avocados would not have stopped him. I began digging through the freezer and before I knew it piles were collapsing, baggies were sliding and popsicles were spilling out onto the floor. Time to clean out the freezer.

Working as quickly as possible to avoid thawing any unloaded food I sorted the contents into piles on the kitchen counter and stovetop. 3 bags of ham bones (one from last Easter, eww), 2 bags of frozen cherries (yeah! I thought they were gone), 6 bags of frozen fruits and veggies, some sausage, some hotdogs, 2 chicken breasts, a big bag of Thanksgiving turkey, the aforementioned popsicles, some toaster strudel and a cherry pie. I also found another bag of bread cubes (I see another breakfast casserole in my future) and a large assortment of frozen meals.

I knew I had them in there but I hadn't realized that frozen meals could multiply. I think I will put a few of these into service this week. Perhaps the Chicken Caccatorie leftover from dinner at moms house will be good for Valentines night. Or I could make some tamales or BBQ sandwiches with the shredded beef that is still in there (or both, there's so much left!).

Frozen meals are so nice to have around on a day when everything goes wrong. I can just grab something from the freezer, toss it in the microwave and in under 10 minutes I've got a homemade, nutrious, delicious and hot meal. I also use them on days that I expect will be crazy, like violin days. The kids get home from school, I pop a frozen casserole in the oven at 300 degrees, I take Heath to swimming, I take Kirkham and Cora to grammas, take Afton to Violin. Then I do it all in reverse, picking up kids and returning to the house 2 1/2 hours later to the tasty steamy goodness that I will quickly serve for dinner.

Maybe I will serve the kids some of the individual size portions for dinner on datenight; I hate cooking for them when I'm trying to get ready to go out to dinner with Dave. A serving of leftover beef pot pie from last week, 2 servings of saucy pork, enough chicken stir fry for Cora. There are so many options in there for them to choose from. Just 5 minutes in the microwave and it's ready.

The best thing about the single serving frozen meals is that they are a meal with very little cost because they're leftovers. But no one thinks of them as leftovers when they haven't seen them in 3-4 weeks. Instead they think they're special meals: they can choose them and they can reheat them all by themselves.

OK, time to put it all back, all nice and neat like. Oh, wait! What's that behind the icemaker? Could it be? Yes, there in the very back was the bacon--2/3 gone! He found it in the freezer even--he's good!

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