Monday, February 02, 2009

Dani's Grocery Price Index

The Grocery Price Index is my record of groceries I have purchased at what prices. I update it every once in a while with any price changes and new products. My most recent update was March 7, 2010.

To open my Price Index right click on the link below and select "open link in new tab". You can scroll through to see the data I have collected.

Across the top you will see Good Price and Best Price. Good Price is a price you can pretty much expect to find every 6-8 weeks. I will not purchase products unless they meet or beat (are below) my Good Price. Yes, I said "will not". I'd rather go without the item than spend more than this price because I know it will be down within a few weeks.

Best Prices are also prices found regularly though only every 12-20 weeks. When products are at or below the Best Price I do everything I can to buy as much as I can of that product.

Please comment with any questions or suggestions for this index. I hope it helps you.

Grocery Price Index

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