Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Watch Your Step

Spilt Oil Haiku
by Dani Dooley

Jug of golden oil
swiftly falling from its berth
peril spills upon the floor

Hurt Toe Haiku
by Dani Dooley

Green and purple toe
Swollen -- aching day and night
Olive oil is slick


  1. Love the Haiku! And congratulations on getting your camera back!
    I'm the Enrichment Counselor in Chambers Creek Ward and want to do a Saavy Shopping night -- a one-time enrichment where a few people can give tips/hint on shopping. I thought you would be perfect to do 15 min or so on grocery shopping techniques. What do you think?
    We haven't gone as far as picking a date for it yet... just trying to get some people lined up first.

    I'm in the stake directory, or jenmartnz@msn.com

  2. Jennie, I'd love to. Thank you for the invitation. I'll email you.

  3. I love the haikus! I'm sorry you hurt your toe, but it's great that you can be creative through your pain!


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