Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Get Down, Get Down, Get Down,

Tomorrow night, Yeah! Tomorrow is the big day for all you Lakewood area readers. It is Coupons 101! We will be discussing how to get those grocery bills down using coupons and sales flyers. We will also be talking about planning a menu from your shopping list instead of vis versa, planning your shopping list from your menu.

In preparation you may want to review my original coupon post A Day Late and a Dollar Short, just to remind yourself what we'll be talking about. Please also bring any coupons that you have accumulated, your weekly ads (Alby's, Safeway, Fred Meyer, QFC, Saar's, Top, whatever you've got!), and a pencil and spiral notebook, or something like it, to take notes, write your shopping list/menu.

Phew, I'm out of breath after all that.

So far I know there are 10 of you for sure coming. The rest of you need to make up your mind tonight and let me know so I have enough treats! I'm excited and know that this is going to be a fun and informative evening. See you tomorrow!

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