Tuesday, January 06, 2009

For your enjoyment while you are waiting

My friends, I still have not found that camera. I haven't gutted the sewing room and I haven't put away the Christmas stuff. Those should be done by this weekend and hopefully that most desirable of all objects, my camera, will be found. While you are waiting for news of the great discovery here a few cheap and easy tidbits you may enjoy.
  • The BEST Glass cleaner (according to Consumer Reports 1988)Use a funnel to pour the following ingredients into a gallon container with a lid (an empty windex refill container works great): 1/2 c. sudsy ammonia, 1 pint (2 cups) rubbing alcohol, 1 tsp. dish soap, a few drops of blue food coloring (if desired). Add enough water to make a gallon. Put on the cap and shake to combine. Be sure to mark your container. Use from a squirt bottle like you usually do.
  • Instead of using abrasive cleaners on your stove top try using a few tablespoons of baking soda and a damp washcloth. With a little elbow grease most particles come right off. Also works great in sinks, bathtubs, countertops and refrigerators. This is a family and earth safe cleaner that can be purchased inexpensively at Costco in bulk.
  • Cut your laundry costs in half! Did you know that you can cut the amount of laundry soap you use in half without reducing its effectiveness! Same goes for your dryer sheets. When I open a new box of deteregent or dryer sheets I get out my Sharpie or scissors and mark the scoop and pre-cut the sheets forcing everyone in the family to follow suit (ha ha. . . aren't I devious). You can further cut costs by washing everything in cold water (OK not everything--towels and underwear should be washed in hot). Last thing is hang dry your clothes when it is warm outside; your clothes dryer is the most expensive appliance to run in your house.

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