Monday, January 19, 2009

Didn't Mean to Bug Ya'

So, I changed my background, again. Am I driving you crazy yet? It's been driving me nuts that I didn't have the look I wanted- that I had to settle. I have to keep tweeking and picking and changing and moving and destroying and rebuilding until I have a product that I can be satisfied with. OCD? So now I am somewhat satisfied and it will likely stay this way for a while, maybe.

My blog is not my only obsession. I obsess over a lot of things. Paint colors are one of my obsessions, as are shrubs. I have been known to paint one wall 3 times and move shrubs more than that. Artwork is also a toughie for me. I have been looking for just the right piece of art for my front room since we moved in--2 years ago!

I have been obsessing over valances for my dining room for more than 9 months. Last spring I decided I needed window coverings. It took me a few weeks to decide that they must be valances so the kids wouldn't trip on them and tear them down as they chased each other around the dining room table. I was also concerned about dinner table splatter--with kids it's inevitable that food will end up on the most expensive thing in the dining room, so I might as well keep that thing rather out of reach.

It took me several months, visits to every home decor store in the area (Target, Walmart, K-mart, Lowes, Home Depot, all high end places of course) and innumerable trips to fabric stores to choose the fabric I wanted to make these valances with. Finally, I decided upon a cute red toile on an off-white background. Being as cheap as I am I had to wait for it to go on sale for 50%. That took another month.

When I got the fabric home I folded it up and placed it on my kitchen counter where it remained for 6 weeks. In September I hung it on a rod above the kitchen sink. In October, before my Great Pumpkin Carve, it was stowed away in the paper goods cupboard on the kitchen island. In November it came back out to sit on the couch for a while (I was concerned that it would make the couch look too pink from 15 feet away). In December it went back into a cupboard, this time in the dining room. Now, in January, it has made it's way back to the kitchen counter.

So, what is it, you ask, that is keeping me from making these valances? Is it that I don't have the time? Did my sewing machine break? Did I break my finger or go blind in one eye and therefore cannot sew?

No. I am obsessing over the fabric again. What if it wasn't quite right? If I cut it I can't return it. What if the style of valance I make is not stylish? I am a professional seamstress, what if my seams aren't straight? What if these valances don't represent me and who I am? Aaaaccchhh, the pressure!

Uh, oh! I just realized, I don't have a curtain rod yet . . . . .


  1. Boy, I think this is the classic "making a decision by choosing to not make a decision"! You have missed out on having a window treatment for the last two years because you couldn't make a decision. I totally get it! I'm the same way. I think the reason you aren't getting the project done is because you feel guilty for spending money on something that isn't a necessity. I get that too. Treat yourself! Trust your own judgement! Sew those curtains today! If you decide you want to change them in a year (or go without them), some nice family at DI will really appreciate your efforts!
    Go, Dani, Go!

  2. Just the mention of The Great Pumpkin Carve makes me want to cry. We are supposed to be at your house on Halloween. It's just the rule now.


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