Wednesday, January 07, 2009

shopping list for 1/7/09

sr= Saar's coupon
al= albertsons coupon
sy=Safeway coupon
*=doubled manufacturer coupon
^=Albertsons spend $30 get $15 special

3 cucumbers (sr 3/$1) 1
6# Ex Lg Navel Oranges (sr .38/lb) 2.40
6 Albertsons generic 16 oz frozen vegi's (sr .79/ea) 4.80
2 Albertsons 1# butter (al 1.49/ea) 2.98
2 doz Albertsons large eggs (al .99/ea) 1.98
20 Yoplait Yogurt (Alby's sale -2. when you purchase 20 +
-1.90 manufacturers coupons) 6.10
Boneless Pork Sirloin 1.88/lb approximately 8.00
Rump Roast 1.99/lb approximately 8.00
^5 Honey Nut Cheerios 12 oz (sy 1.50 ea - 4.00 *manf. coupon) 3.50
^4 golden grahams or Trix (2/$4 -3*manf. coupon) 5.00
^3 Minute Maid Juice Pouches (3/$10) 10.00
^1 Gogurt (2/$5 -.35 manf. coupon) 2.15
subtotal approximately 67.00
entertainment book coupon -10.00
total approximately 57.00

A coupon will print for $15 off my next shopping trip

I will then ring up my second set of groceries:
^4 Gogurt (2/$5 -2.50*manf. coupons) 7.50
^4Progresso Soups (2/$4 - 2.00*manf. coupons) 6.00
^2Toaster Strudel (2/$4-.70*manf. coupons) 3.30
^4Fruit Roll Ups (2/$4-2.00*manf. coupons) 6.00
subtotal 22.80
next shopping trip coupon -15.00
total 7.80
Another coupon will print for $15 off my next shopping trip!
Todays Grand Total $64.80 + $15 off my next visit. Next week I will spend no more than $35!

Great prices on alternative items: Fred Meyer has a coupon for hamburger helper 10/$10 it is also included in the albys $30/$15 sale and is a steal--especially if you have manufacturers coupons to boot! Freddy's also has a coupon for 10/$10 half gallon of milk, a great price! If you need potatoes don't bother using the Albertsons .25/pound potatoe coupon. The Saar's coupon is better $2.99 for 15 pounds is less than .20 cents/pound! The Albertsons price on grapefruit (3/$1) is a great price but don't buy the oranges at that price; too expensive. Lastly, the darigold sour cream coupon from Saar's is a pretty good price too: 99 cents.

A few items from this weeks menu:
Cold Cereal for breakfast, yogurt for snacks, The kids will have snacks in their lunches for a few weeks and the Minute Maid will restock my dwindling stores of lunch drinks. For dinners we'll have Saucy pork chops over rice, Gyros in homemade pitas, and hand-tossed pizza. Next week I'll likely defrost a frozen chicken for Roast chicken and chicken soup and chicken enchiladas.

Albertsons claims in their ad that this month is Macaroni and Cheese month. I read on a different blog that the author made mac and cheese by melting cheddar onto cooked noodles. That totally grossed me out! Why do that when 3 more minutes of stirring and 4 more ingredients makes you REAL macaroni and cheese?So here is my macaroni and cheese recipe. (Use your newly purchased cheese and serve with warmed frozen vegis).


  1. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Himy name is Tammie I live in Idaho Falls, your cousin Colette Rushton, she recommended your blog. Thanks for the great recipe for made from scratch mac and cheese I've been looking for a great simple one. I am a sort of couponer, I just don't have the attention span to be great at it. I am looking forward to reading more. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Dani! I love this! Thanks for sending me that email. So I get my parents Sunday ads, is that where you get most of your manufactures coupons? And I don't get Saar's coupons in the mail - how do I get those?

  3. Look for manufacturers coupons in the Sunday paper and online. I'll post some links when I can get around to it. Saar's coupons come on Tuesday or Wednesday in the mail with the Alby's and Safeway ads. I suggest you ask around at church to see if anyone gets them and doesn't use them. Good Luck!

  4. Tammie, nice to meet you, I'm glad that Colette sent you this way. I hope you enjoy the blog!


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