Friday, January 23, 2009

1/23 shopping

This week I added $6 leftover from the last couple of weeks to my $50 grocery budget. Still on track. This is what I got:
2 lbs Roma Tomatoes (.58/lb Saars coupon)
7 lbs Navel Oranges (.38/lb Saars coupon)
2 heads Lettuce (.88 ea Alby's coupon)
8 8oz cans tomato sauce (8/$1 Alby's coupon)
4 18 oz Kelloggs Bite Size Frosted Shredded wheat (4/$6 Saars coupon - 3.50 manuf. coupons)
4 18pk eggs (Fred Meyer BOGO free coupon)
10 1/2 gallons of milk (Fred Meyer 10/$10 coupon)
3 8pk Dial Bar Soap (Fred Meyer 3/$10 coupon)
1 60ct Electrasol Tabs ( -$5 Alby's coupon -2.50 manuf. coupon)
4 whole chickens (Alby's sale .69/lb!)

Grand Total $55.22 total savings $69.29. Not my best savings but, oh well.

The chickens are a great deal. They go down to .69/lb about every 8 weeks. So go, go stock up now! But watch out, only 4 chickens per transaction.

I will freeze three of my chickens and use one of the chickens this week for Rubber Chicken. What is Rubber Chicken, you ask? Rubber Chicken is using a chicken for 3 or more days worth of dinners. Yes, that's right, I said 3 dinners for 6 people using a 4 lb bird. (You should see what I can do with a 20 lb turkey! but, more on that on another day).

The first day, perhaps Tuesday, I will roast my chicken for dinner. I will serve it with lots of mashed potatoes and gravy, a big salad, dinner rolls, and some corn or green beans. Lots of sides means the fam will eat less of the bird. The wings and legs will be eaten and maybe one chicken breast will be finished off also. They will still be full and satisfied and have no idea how I am manipulating them. I still have a breast, both thighs, and the back meat.

The next chicken day, probably Thursday, I will remove the large pieces of meat and put those back in the refrig. I will place the carcass with meat bits, but no skin, into a pot of water with some sauted onion, and garlic, a couple chopped stalks of celery and some carrots. Let it boil until the meat has all fallen off the bone, remove bones, and continue boiling down to make a nice flavorful stalk. Within an hour or two I'll add fresh vegetables, seasonings, a little more meat if needed and some noodles or rice. Now I have a nice soup. I'll serve it with garlic breadsticks and a hearty salad.

The last chicken day is Friday. You already know that Friday is pizza day around here so, you guessed it, chicken pizza! I could do BBQ chicken pizza, or carmelized onion, rosemary and chicken pizza, or try a Thai peanut chicken pizza. Lots of ways to serve it but we usually just stick with our favorite the BBQ chicken pizza.

In the end, you may end up with still more chicken left unused. Consider making chicken salad sandwiches, chicken enchilladas, chicken tacos, chicken stir fry . . . . . . . . Do I have to do everything for you? You can figure something out.


  1. Is this one week's food? I'm trying to figure out your method of shopping here. :-) Learning from the master!

  2. Dani, you never cease to amaze me!

  3. Hi Shara and April, thanks for the comments. April, I know it seems impossible but yes, this is one week's groceries. I will not go shopping again until Wednesday or Thursday after the next ad comes out.

    I am able to do this because I have stocked up when things are on sale. My freezer is full and my pantry is full and I plan all my meals according to what I've already got on hand.

    By the way, my freezer and pantry got full by shopping on my $50 a week budget. I did not go out and spend all sorts of money filling them and then make do with the $50; it is enough to feed us and stock up.

    Thanks again for commenting and asking questions I'll do my best to fill you in on the details, April. Ask all the questions you want!

  4. Thanks for the info...How do you keep track of your coupons (and especially expiration dates)? You must have an extra freezer. I just have a real small freezer on my fridge. It drives me nuts.

  5. I keep my clipped coupons in a coupon file that is small enough to fit in my purse. Unclipped coupons I file in case I need them later. About once a month I sit down and go through all the coupons and get rid of the expired or near expireds. As for freezers, yes, I have a small chest freezer. I bought it a few years ago with money that I saved by couponing. It was under $150 at Costco, I think.


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