Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm developing a theme here

I hadn't inteded for this blog to be dedicated to coupons, grocery shopping and saving money. But, it seems that is what is happening.

This week I happened upon a video of a young couple in California who tried living on $1 a day for a month. Because I spend about $6 a day to feed my family of six it peaked my interest. I started reading their blog and some other sites and found some interesting information.

Did you know that most Americans spend at least $10 a day per person on food? Wow, I was shocked. Did you know that families on welfare/food stamps receive, on average, $3 per day/person for food?

In 2007, Congressman Chris Van Hollen from Maryland took the Food Stamp Challenge and said, " . . . it is difficult, if not impossible, to eat a balanced diet on $21, especially fresh fruits and vegetables."

I disagree. I've been doing better than that for a long time. We eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat and are quite healthy.

How much do you spend a day? Is your diet healthy? Is $3 a day too little for those on food stamps? too much? Are you interested in taking the Food Stamp Challenge?

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  1. I remember hearing that comment from that particular senator, and I think it is more than possible to spend less than $3/person a day! That would be an average of $83 a week for a family of 4, totaling more than $330 for a month of food. I think that is more than enough! But then again, maybe I am biased, since when I worked at the bank we had lines of people everyday coming in to get CASH from their "food stamp" ATM card... we knew very well that the majority of those people were buying alcohol and drugs with that money, and I am sure $300 is not enough to support that habit!


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