Monday, November 24, 2008

A Sad Day for Dani

The last three weeks have been a mess. First my computer crashed, then Daves, then phone trouble, then camera trouble. Then my computer crashed again and I lost 6 months of documents and photos, aaaacchhh! Last Thursday I hit bottom when my KitchenAid died.

I am a proud owner of the big heavy duty 12 speed stand mixer. It has been the centerpiece of my kitchen for 13 years. It stands tall in it's place of honor: to the right of the kitchen sink, just after the 40 cup glass apothecary flour jar and before you get to the microwave. It is my favorite and most used appliance.

Despite it's daily use, it is still in near new condition: bright white body with shiny stainless steel trim, blue band with perfectly lettered brand name and gear numbers, and multiple attachments loaded into the deep metal bowl.

I was making bread. Poured in the usual 9 c. flour, 4 T. salt, 1 T. yeast, 2 2/3 c. warm water, 1/3 c. canola oil, and 1/4 c. honey. The bowl was locked, the kneading hook set and it started turning as it always did, steadily making it's way through the mass of ingredients. I set my kitchen timer for 8 minutes and walked away. I always walk away, I do this about 3 times every week. I set it, walk away, and the KitchenAid works the dough while I work the laundry.

As I folded I could hear the hum of the mixer and waited for the chirp of the timer. Returning to my KitchenAid on cue from the timer I found smoke billowing out the motor vents and filling the kitchen. I grabbed my mixer, unplugged it, and ran it out the back door returning only to air out the smokey kitchen and place the bowl of dough on the counter.

While the dough rose slowly to double I disassembled my KitchenAid hoping it was a small short or and inexpensive part that needed repairs. It wasn't. The motor was burned out. I carefully put it all back together and restored it to it's once honorable position on the counter.

I rolled out the dough into two rounded loaves and placed them in their pans. The loaves rose while I scoured the internet and the phone book for a repair shop. I found only a few leads.

Setting the oven to 375 and the timer to 35, I popped the loaves in to bake. I made a few calls, got answering machines and dead ends. The timer rang, the bread was done. I popped the warm bread out onto the cooling rack and sank to the kitchen floor for a good cry. Life will never be the same without my KitchenAid.


  1. Dani I am SOOO sorry to hear this tragic story. I mourn for your loss. As my bread is baking in my oven I think of how I am so glad I have this honored counter top friend.

    Black Friday is only a couple of days away and I did see several places that had Kitchenaids as hot deals... you should check it out.

    or you could wait to see the ads Thursday.

  2. Dani...what a tragedy! You have had so much on your plate lately, it's no surprise that this major loss to you would lead to great sadness. I'm hopeful that you can find a new one or replace the motor. Maybe you can find a used one on ebay or some other website. Hugs, my dear friend!


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