Monday, October 13, 2008

So many mouths

If you know me well you know I'm cheap. I hate paying full price for anything. My cars are always previously owned, my houses are always fixer uppers and my clothes are from Nordys rack clearance or thrift shop finds.

If you know me well you also know that I am competitive. About a year and a half ago my cheap side and my competitive side collided when my sister and I decided to see who could save the most money on their grocery trips.

It was friendly competition so we passed on tricks and tips that we picked up from friends and books and online. We compared lists before shopping and bragged over our receipts after shoppping. We limited our shopping to once a week at only one store.

Within weeks I had cut my bill by more than half and so had my sister. Another couple weeks I got it down to $50 a week, my sister was down to $40. I cut my grocery list preparation and coupon cutting time to 30 minutes week and my shopping trips to 45 mins. She cut hers more. I couldn't beat her (though technically she is feeding fewer, smaller mouths)

After supposedly losing to my sister now I realize that saving money is a lot like swimming or running: beating your own personal best is more important than besting your opponent. I've been spending $50 a week on groceries for over a year now. I still shop once a week at only one store and spend a small amount of time planning. My freezers are stuffed full and my pantry is over flowing. I Win!

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  1. Dani, you have to write a post with some of those money saving tips! I'm in desperate need of a budget re-vamp and if you remember me well enough, you remember I liked to spend money! So I need all the help I can get on being frugal and still eating and looking great! :)

  2. Wow...that's impressive! I might even be motivated to try to incorporate some of your ideas. I have so little time, I almost never shop more than once every two weeks.

  3. Dani...your next post needs to be about what meals you make, and where you shop, and what you buy! Do a "PART 2" so the rest of us can save!

  4. YOU win?! You are right... although now I am spending about $40 or so every OTHER week... haven't been shopping every week like usually. :) nice post, I enjoyed it!

  5. At the suggestion of Sarah "Part 2: So many mouths" due out Monday, October 19th.

  6. Dani,
    I totally agree with Sarah! I can't wait for the Part 2. I can't imagine how much I could save if I only spent $50 a week!! Do Tell!


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