Friday, August 29, 2008

Wow, Time flys when you're having fun!

Times are busy right now with Dave's campaign for 28th District State Representative. We've been waving signs and knocking doors and meeting lots of great people in the process. I was very excited that Dino Rossi came to Dave's kick-off early in the summer. He is a great guy-totally down to earth, I was really impressed. We are thankful for his endorsement of Dave's campaign. We've also been in parades and gone to community events like the Lakewood Summerfest and the University Place Festival, and Fircrest Fun Days. The kids really like running around in their Dave Dooley shirts and I find it much easier to keep track of them that way. We were rewarded for all this hard work with 43% of the vote in the primary election. Pretty good for a first-timer, but we've got some work to do before Nov 4th!

We've also gotten in some waterskiing, beachcombing, fishing, skimboarding, and blueberry picking. The boys went to their scout camps this summer and Design Squad over at the Lakewood Computer Clubhouse. The girls still stick pretty close to home. Afton did some sewing and reading. Cora is staying busy riding her new two wheeler!

The kids are now getting ready for school to start. Cora is going into Kindergarten (I'm feeling too young to have my baby in Kindergarten), Afton is going into third grade, Kirkham is in Fifth. They all found out their teachers this week and are pleased as punch to have the exact teachers they were hoping for. Heath has decided to take his core classes of English, Social Studies, Math and Science at home this year. He will be taking Band, Orchestra, and Leadership at the Middle School. He is also playing waterpolo with the High School team and will wrestle in the winter. I hope I can keep up with him.


  1. We are excited that you have started a blog. It will be nice to see all of the updates. We love you and miss you all.

  2. Wow! I can't believe how dark your one daughter is and how light the other is! They are so cute and you look great! Can't believe you have a child in middle school!


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