Sunday, December 21, 2014

Big Island: The Adventure Begins

I am posting on the go this week, straight from my iPhone to you!

We got 5ish hours of sleep last night. We had laundry to do. I had a work party to attend. Kids had swim practice. After all this and the regular Friday afternoon drill we also had to pack for the trip and clean the house.  The kids starting dropping into bed around midnight but it wasn't until 2am that Dave and I hit the hay. The alarms started ringing at 5am this morning. 

All the excitement and hustle of last night felt like Christmas Eve. Though this morning didn't feel quite like Christmas morn there was an equal excitement as we prepared and set out on our Christmas vacation. It has been a fabulous first day and we are all exhausted. I will fill in the details later but here is the picture proof that we made it safely to Big Island and we are having the best first day of Christmas ever. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Wish Lists 2014


  • Vibram five fingers. Size- 8 1/2; Color- green, blue, green and blue, black, neon, multi-colored aqua.
  • Money
  • Sculpting clay
  • DS games for regular DS
  • Shoes (if I can't get Vibram's)
  • Candy (I like sour stuff)
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2 (blu-ray)
  • Big messenger bag
  • Sculpting or pottery kit (sculpting tools)
  • Deck of playing cards
  • Watch colors: green, blue, black, aqua, or silver. Any of those, not all. Waterproof or resistant
  • Hydro flask
  • Kindle first generation
  • Reading Light
  • Money
  • iTunes cards
  • Headphones
  • Make-up and nail polish
  • A waterproof watch
  • A jacket-size small
  • Art supplies
  • Boots (size 8)
  • Kindle-first generation
  • Camera
  • Sports duffle bag
  • Swim suit
  • He says he doesn't want anything. What?!

  • Stuff for my mission
  • Hydro flask
  • Money
  • Watch

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Laie Marathon Results!!

I did it!!! I finished a marathon and I feel great!! My knees are the sorest part of my body. My feet are sore and my hips are a little sore. Everything else feels good. Most importantly I am not a slug today. My energy levels are a little low but not terribly so. Emotionally I feel fantastic.

As planned, I was at the starting line ready to go at 5am. We took this picture just inside the church building beforehand. The pic is missing Christine. She joined us just after the pic. I don't know the two guys on the left. I think they are some of Kevin's runners from the University. Kevin is in the middle and he is the organizer of this little marathon. The three other ladies are Kuulei, Megan and Lindsey. Christine and I were the only ones to run the full marathon. Everyone else ran the half marathon.

Kuulei is my visiting teachee and my back door neighbor. She is the most lovely person. She and I ran together all the way to Turtle Bay where she turned around. Most of the runners completing the half marathon ran to Waimea and then caught a ride back. Kuulei ran to Turtle Bay and then back to Laie because she had an early morning baptism to attend and was worried about her ride getting through the surf competition traffic in a timely manner. She completed her half marathon by 7:30 and got to the baptism in time.

As we neared Turtle Bay I thanked her for running with me and admitted I probably would have taken a walking break if it wasn't for her. She admitted to the same and we had a good laugh. It is nice to have a friend along who helps you be better.

The sun was finally coming up as I passed the Velzyland UH farm.

Early in the morning and parking lots were already full in anticipation of the days Pipe Masters Pro Surf competition.
I love Shark's Cove when the waves are coming in big. I ran as close to the Beach side of the parking lot as possible to catch all the mist I could.

I was going to save my midpoint picture for the actual midpoint but as I came around the bend to descend to Waimea Valley this view blew me away. I love the beauty that surrounds me here.
The Sunset Bike Path is a joy to run on. There are usually so many interesting people to watch and listen to and there is so much beauty. Different parts of the path have slightly different landscaping. I especially liked this section as the sun gently streamed through the trees.
The waves at Sunset beach this morning were AMAZING! I would have loved to stop and watch the surfers who were daring the big waves. But alas, I had a date with a finish line to keep.
Three quarters done at Turtle Bay. This is one of the places Dave set up a little water station for me.  He fed me a steady supply of water and Gu. I am so thankful for his support today.
There were a few windy spots today. Kahuku by the windmills was the worst of them. Straight shot of wind in the face for about 1.5 miles. It slowed me down a bit and got stuff in my eyes a few times. I'd rather have wind then unbearable stagnant heat though.
Almost home and Kahuku Grill is calling my name! I've run this section a ton of times and it felt great to be on my home turf. I was pretty tired by this point. My knees were hurting a kind of swollen hurt--very different from injured hurt--so I turned on my tunes to get my mind off my body. First song: All About that Bass. Even after 23.5 miles that song makes me want to dance.
The tunes really helped me through the last long stretch of the Malaekahana Bike Path. I was tired and sore but still had enough energy to run. And when I needed a break I was able to still walk fast. I was never tempted to stop and never felt like stopping or taking a little break or even taking off my shoes. And that's a big deal because I am always tempted to take my shoes off for the last half mile of my run. My feet are usually begging to escape. Here is a picture of me just over the finish line! Ayanna and Jonah Schlag were generous enough to wait in the parking lot for me for nearly an hour just so they could put out a finish line for me to cross. What troopers!
Dave and the kids weren't at the finish line as planned so I just started walking home. They weren't expecting me for another 20 minutes :-). In retrospect I guess I should have called them but I just didn't think about it. All I could think about was getting a Gatorade and taking a cold shower.

As I walked Kirkham came screaming up on his skateboard. He had been sent out on a scouting mission to see how far I was from the finish. He was very surprised to see me walking home. He was excited to see me and asked how I felt. I said I felt good. He asked what place I finished and I answered last. He wanted to know how many people ran the marathon and I told him two. He said, "So you got 2nd place!" Always an optimist. Love that kid!

A few notes from the race
Last night Dave convinced me not to carry the camel back. He was worried about me carrying the extra weight and he wanted to meet me along the way to pass me water, etc. I think he was worried about me having problems and wanted to make sure he would be close by.  Every water station he set up he would ask me how I was feeling and if I was hurting. He would give me a super fast pep talk and quickly get me going again. I am so grateful he did that. It was nice to look forward to seeing him every 3 miles or so.

This morning I forgot to take Tylenol before leaving. Don't know what effect this had on my race because I haven't done it before.

I walked as needed and in hindsight could probably have walked less.  I finished the race feeling so good and should have been a little more spent at the end. I suppose that means that I paced myself well but it also means I could have pushed myself a tiny bit harder. However, if I would have finished more spent then I might not feel as good now and instead might have been left with a bad experience that would scare me away from future marathons. A do-over I wouldn't change but next time I will pace a little faster.

I drank just the right amount of water. When I got home I only weighed 1 pound less than when I left this morning. That is a good sign of sufficient hydration--maybe even too much hydration?

The scriptures, podcasts and music I listened to were very interesting and entertaining. I listened to the section of the Book of Mormon where Lehi's family departs into the wilderness--a great listen as I started off and headed toward the wilderness of my marathon. Next I listened to a couple of Tim Pychel's excellent podcasts on procrastination. I had randomly selected them and was surprised when both of them referenced running and big goals like marathons. I listened to an episode of Americas Test Kitchen from which I learned how to make the perfect spritz cookies. That was followed by Science Friday's episode on perfect cookies. Cookies are great motivation for a marathoner! The last podcast I listened to was Mother Runner's episode on "What's Next".

I only listened to music for about 3 miles but here's the list of songs that I heard (on shuffle from my playlist):
All About That Bass
Midnight City
Harder to Breathe
Feel Good Inc
Skankin to the Beat
Upside Down
Hey Brother

After the Race
I was able to drink Gatorade and eat a banana right after the race. Within an hour I was able to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Both of these surprised me. I often cannot eat real food for a while after running. Even if I can eat them I often get an upset stomach but not today! I am so happy to report that not only am I not having any trouble eating or drinking but I am also having no problems peeing. Woohoo! Nice and clear.

I have been alternating sitting around and doing stuff. I had to install some drapes for a client and though I was perhaps a little slower than usual everything went well. I will be driving the kids to a swim "thing" tonight and have been able to do stuff for myself. I have been stretching a little here and there to make sure my movement doesn't freeze up. Hopefully I will be able to say the same tomorrow.

Whats next
I think I will definitely do another marathon. It was empowering. I feel strong and proud. I am amazed at what my body can do! I don't plan on doing another one until next year though. And by next year I mean December of next year.  For now I will do low weights and some walking next week. The week after that I will be on vacation and will only do a few hikes. Maybe three weeks from now I'll get back to doing some running. Next race is the Great Aloha Run the third week of February. 8 miles.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Marathon Prep

Race Morning
17 hours from now I will be waking up for my marathon. I will drink a glass of water and will have a banana and maybe some toast with some peanut butter and then I will get dressed.

The outfit I have chosen for tomorrow is a pair of black shorts and a loose fitting sports top that has a slightly elasticized hem so it doesn't hang down too long and still blouses out to give my body air. I used to wear tight socks but with my newest pair of shoes combined with long runs that doesn't seem to work. So I am wearing some normal thin no-show socks. They fit my feet well and never roll under my foot while I am running. They stay fairly cool and give my feel plenty of room to move. 

A few weeks ago I purchased a pair of tight fitting nylon leggings for running. I was hoping the tight fit would support my muscles and make the run just a tiny bit easier. I wore them once and the thighs are too loose and they slide on my body and through the crotch is uncomfortable. So back to shorts I go.

Heath is allowing me to use his Camelback. The race is unassisted (no aid stations) so the Camelback will be packed with water, my Gu energy gels, my phone, and a few small emergency supplies like TP and topical analgesic. 

Oh and my hat. I will be wearing my hat. It will help to keep my hair out of my face and it will keep the sun out of my eyes--once the sun comes up.Also on my head will be my earbuds. A few months ago I bought some new buds that don't fall out while I'm running and they are built so I can still hear what is going on around me. No one can sneak up on me this way.

Ok, now time to check. Wake up, Water, Breakfast, Get dressed, Backpack, Hat, Earbuds. Ready to go, almost. Of course I've got to use the bathroom before leaving and then I will have another glass of water and this one will be with two tylenol. It is supposed to help somehow. I don't remember how but Matt Fitzgerald recommends it in his marathon nutrition book so I'm gonna do it.

Speaking of Nutrition
I have tried to follow Fitzgeralds suggestions as I've prepped for this race. I have not been completely true to the plan but I think he encourages you to make it your own anyways so I did.  He suggests a two part fat and carb load in addition to a caffeine fast. Caffeine fast was pretty easy. I normally don't consume much except when I get headaches. I take Excedrin for bad headaches. I did have a couple this week and so I had to just grin and bare it. NO CAFFEINE for at least 10 days before the race. Also 10 before the race I started a fat load. I still stayed within my calorie guidelines but I ate more avocados and nuts and nut butters than usual. I can't remember why but it was something about energy and so I did it. Beginning yesterday I started my carb load. I am not talking cake and pasta here. I am talking lots of fruits and veggies and sweet potatoes and stuff like that. Building up glycogen stores I think.

I think the nutrition stuff is working because I do feel less worn than I did a few weeks ago. That may be because my training tapered off over the past 10 days also. Not sure which but whatever--I feel like I am healthy and strong enough to do this and that's what matters. EXCEPT, I have gained weight this week. That doesn't make me happy. 5 pounds is 5 pounds and I wouldn't opt to carry an extra 5 pounds for 26+ miles if I didn't have to. But now that it is on me it isn't getting off in the next 17 hours.  Hopefully it is just water weight--I've been drinking a lot of that too--and then it will all be run off by tomorrow at this time.

Getting My Head in the Game
I like to listen to stuff on my phone while I run. It helps me to think about things other than my aching knees or whatever. It also helps me not talk to other runners. I don't mind other runners and I don't mind talking but I find when I am running with others I end up running at a pace that I shouldn't be running--Usually that is faster than I should be. Tomorrow I need to start out no faster than a 10 minute mile if I'm gonna be able to get through this whole thing. I will employ the same technique I did when I ran the Gunstock Half, I will listen to scriptures. That will get me going at a nice easy pace. 

After about 30 minutes (approximately when I reach the Kahuku Hospital) I will run in the quiet for a while. This stretch of highway is going to be dark and it is solitary. I will want to be able to hear everything going on around me and it will be a good opportunity to think about my running for a while. I'll check and make sure that my stride is good, check the mechanics of my arm swing and hips, and evaluate my breathing.

The sky should start to lighten up when I pass Turtle Bay. At this point I will start listening to some podcasts I like. Each podcast is about 45-75 minutes long so I'll probably be listening to those for the next 2.5-3 hours. Basically I will be listening to podcasts until I am somewhere between Velzyland and Turtle Bay on my way back from Waimea. The last hour and a half I will listen to up tempo music to get me through the last stretch. 

4:30--wake up
5--race starts at the Laie Stake Center North Parking lot, listen to scriptures
5:30--(3 miles) estimated pass of Kahuku Hospital, water, listen to nature
6:00--(3 miles) estimated pass of Turtle Bay resort, water, listen to podcasts
6:35--(3 miles) estimated pass of Velzyland, water, Lemon-lime Gu
7:10--(3 miles) estimated pass of Foodland Pupukea, water, Strawberry Gu
7:20--(1 mile) estimated turn around at Waimea Bay,  water
7:35--(1 mile) estimated pass of Foodland Pupukea, water, Strawberry Gu
8:10--(3 miles) estimated pass of Velzyland, water, Orange Gu, listen to music
8:45--(3 miles) estimated pass of Turtle Bay resort,  Blackberry Gu
9:20--(3 miles) estimated pass of Kahuku Hospital,
10:00--(3 miles) estimated arrival at Laie Stake Center parking lot!!!! 

Thursday, December 04, 2014


"Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. What if they are a little course, and you may get your coat soiled or torn? What if you do fail, and get fairly rolled in the dirt once or twice. Up again, you shall never be so afraid of a tumble."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"If you mindlessly practice bad habits, you become very good at a) being mindless and b) your bad habits."
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